@Konamiman Konamiman released this Feb 1, 2019 · 7 commits to v2.0 since this release

  • Fix: if an error occurred while performing sector access and the user selected "retry", the higher byte of sector number was being reset to 0. Thus, when accessing past the first 32MB of the device this caused weird errors, and data corruption when writing.

  • Fix: FDISK crashing when the system booted directly in BASIC.

  • Fix: the Nextor kernel code was writing to the driver space in ROM, causing crashes due to inadvertent ROM bank changes.

  • Partitions of type 14 (FAT16 with LBA mapping) are now recognized as a valid FAT16 partition at boot time, and displayed as "FAT16" in partition lists in fdisk.

  • MBR signature (0x55AA at the end of the sector) is now added to the MBR of the generated partitions by FDISK (previosly it was being added to the sector with the partition table only).

  • Drivers can now specify the desired number of drives and device to drive assignment at boot time via the new DRV_CONFIG routine.

  • FDISK now uses its own implementation of printf and does not depend on the C standard library.

  • Add license file

  • Add documentation as Markdown files

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