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v2.1.0 beta 2


  • The .SunriseIDE.ROM version won't recognize the master device on emulators. Use it with real hardware for better compatibility, use .SunriseIDE.emulators.ROM version with emulators.

  • The old EMUFILE.COM tool doesn't work with the new emulation modes introduced in this version. Make sure to use the newer version, included in in this release.

  • If you are a driver developer please take note of the BREAKING CHANGE at the end of the changelog below.


  • Nextor will now try to load MSXDOS2.SYS if NEXTOR.SYS is not found in the boot drive.

  • The method for selecting partitions for automatic mapping has changed from requiring a NEXTOR.DAT file in the root directory to having the "active" flag set in the partition table.

  • Now the first 9 partitions of a device will be scanned during the automatic mapping procedure, this includes extended partitions.

  • FDISK allows to change the "active" flag of new and existing partitions.

  • FDISK now always creates extended partitions, even if 4 or less partitions are defined.

  • FDISK now creates FAT16 partitions with a partition type code of 14 (FAT16 LBA) instead of 6 (FAT16 CHS).

  • The numeric keyboard can now be used both when booting and when changing disks in disk emulation mode.

  • Russian keyboard is now properly recognized (numeric keys only).

  • Introduced the boot key inverters.

  • Introduced the one-time boot keys.

  • Introduced the NEXBOOT.COM tool to set the RAM based one-time boot keys.

  • Introduced the RAM based one-time disk emulation mode.

  • The method to enter the old disk emulation mode (now named "persistent") has changed from requiring a NEXT_DSK.DAT file in the root directory to storing a pointer to the emulation data file in the partition table of the device.

  • Pressing the 0 key at boot time will delete the pointer to the emulation data file in the partition table, thus permanently disabling the emulation mode - no need to manually do anything else.

  • When Nextor is waiting for a disk key press after having pressed GRAPH in disk emulation mode, now you can press GRAPH again to cancel the disk change.

  • The first Nextor kernel to boot now clears the screen before invoking the driver initialization.

  • ARG is no longer used as temporary work area by the Nextor kernel, this should improve the compatibility of games in disk emulation mode.

  • Fix: drive was remapped in case of error (even if it was retried successfully).

  • Fix: boot sector checksum calculation had a bug that caused "Wrong disk" errors.

  • Fix: #1 pressing CTRL+STOP while Nextor was trying to load NEXTOR.SYS hanged the computer.

  • Fix: #23 computer hanged when booting with one single drive letter (e.g. when using single-device controller in a computer without internal disk drive).

  • Fix: #29 wrong stack management hangedd the computer when a file handle was read or written to a number of times.

  • Fix: computer crashing when more than one Nextor kernel was present as soon as the extended BIOS hook was called (for example, when loading COMMAND2.COM).

  • Fix: there was Nextor kernel code in the 1K free area in pages 0 and 3, so putting anything here caused problems, e.g. DOS 1 mode didn't work.

  • _GPART now returns the status byte of the partition, and allows to retrieve the device sector number that holds the partition table entry instead of information about the partition.

  • BREAKING CHANGE for driver developers: the address of CODE_ADD, used by the CALLB0 routine, has changed to F1D0h (it was F84Ch).

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