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.PHONY: dependencies
@go mod download
@go mod tidy
.PHONY: dump-env
@envsubst < env.yml.tmpl > env.yml
.PHONY: deploy
deploy: deploy-webhook deploy-pubsub
.PHONY: deploy-webhook
deploy-webhook: dependencies dump-env
@gcloud functions deploy $(GCLOUD_LINE_WEBHOOK_FUNCTION_NAME) \
--entry-point WebhookHandler \
--trigger-http \
--runtime go113 \
--memory 128MB \
--source . \
.PHONY: deploy-pubsub
deploy-pubsub: dependencies dump-env
@gcloud functions deploy $(GCLOUD_DRIVE_UPLOAD_FUNCTION_NAME) \
--entry-point HandlePubSub \
--trigger-topic="${GCP_PUBSUB_TOPIC}" \
--runtime go113 \
--memory 128MB \
--source . \
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