make Ctrl-X and Ctrl-A run through keyword cycles
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This Vim plug-in makes the key bindings <Ctrl-X/A> additionally cycle through lists of keywords such as true/false, yes/no, set/unset or yesterday/today/tomorrow. Useful, for example,

  • for toggling settings in a configuration file, or
  • for switching between pick, squash, reword, ... a git commit when rebasing.

These keywords are configurable by the variable g:CtrlXA_Toggles which defaults to

  let g:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
      \ ['true', 'false'], ['True', 'False'], ['TRUE', 'FALSE'],
      \ ['yes', 'no'], ['Yes', 'No'], ['YES', 'NO'],
      \ ['on', 'off'], ['On', 'Off'], ['ON', 'OFF'],
      \ ['up', 'down'], ['Up', 'Down'] ,['UP', 'DOWN'],
      \ ['set', 'unset'],
      \ ['is', 'isnot'] ,
      \ ['==', '!='] , ['<', '>'], ['<=', '>='], ['=~', '!~'],
      \ ['enable', 'disable'], ['Enable', 'Disable'],
      \ ['enabled', 'disabled'], ['Enabled', 'Disabled'],
      \ ['maximum', 'minimum'], ['Maximum', 'Minimum'],
      \ ['maximal', 'minimal'], ['Maximal', 'Minimal'],
      \ ['upper', 'lower'], ['Upper', 'Lower'],
      \ ['top', 'bottom'], ['Top', 'Bottom'],
      \ ['above', 'below'], ['Above', 'Below'],
      \ ['forward', 'backward'], ['Forward', 'Backward'],
      \ ['right', 'middle', 'left'], ['Right', 'Middle', 'Left'],
      \ ['next', 'previous'], ['Next', 'Previous'],
      \ ['first', 'last'], ['First', 'Last'],
      \ ['before', 'after'], ['Before', 'After'],
      \ ['more', 'less'], ['More', 'Less'],
      \ ['fast', 'slow'], ['Fast', 'Slow'],
      \ ]

There is also its buffer-local analogue, which allows for file-type specific keyword cycles by, for example, as included by default,

  autocmd FileType gitrebase
              \ let b:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
              \ ['pick', 'fixup', 'squash', 'break', 'reword', 'edit', 'drop'],
              \ ] + g:CtrlXA_Toggles
  autocmd FileType vim
              \ let b:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
              \ ['if', 'else', 'elseif', 'endif'],
              \ ] + g:CtrlXA_Toggles
  autocmd FileType sh
              \ let b:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
              \ ['if', 'elif', 'else', 'fi'],
              \ ] + g:CtrlXA_Toggles

This will

  • include all keyword cycles of the global variable, and
  • add (buffer-)local keyword cycles which have precedence over the global cycles.

There are many more toggles that could be useful, for example, to switch between the draft and final version of a TeX document, add:

  autocmd FileType tex
              \ let b:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
              \ ['final', 'draft'],
              \ ] + g:CtrlXA_Toggles