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Kong Enterprise Documentation

Welcome to Kong Enterprise

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Kong Enterprise adds features, functionality, and performance to Kong. This documentation doesn’t cover the general practices that are common to both Kong and Kong Enterprise—learn the basics in Kong documentation.

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Deployment Guide

Advice for planning your Kong Enterprise deployment.

Go to Guide→


Details of the changes to each version of Kong Enterprise.

See changelog →

Architecture Overview

Learn about the architecture of Kong, its dependencies, and related systems.

Learn more →

Enterprise Configuration

Unlock the power of Kong Enterprise with additional configuration options.

Learn more →


Kong Enterprise is quick and easy to run via Docker.

Run Kong via Docker →

Amazon Linux

Run Kong Enterprise on AWS.

Run Kong via Amazon Linux →

Kong Manager

Kong Manager makes it quick and easy to configure and understand Kong Enterprise.

Learn more →

Kong Dev Portal

Kong Dev Portal provides everything needed to onboard and manage developers.

Learn more →