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Kong Enterprise Documentation

Welcome to the Kong Enterprise

Kong Enterprise adds features, functionality, and performance to Kong. This documentation doesn’t cover the general practices that are common to both Kong and Kong Enterprise—learn the basics in Kong documentation.

Install Kong Enterprise

Learn how to install Kong Enterprise with your chosen deployment method.

Chose Deployment Method →


Review the details of the changes made to each version of Kong Enterprise.

See changelog →

Migration Guide

Migrate to the latest version of Kong Enterprise.

See Guide →

Getting Started

Learn key concepts and get started with Kong Enterprise's features.

Get Started →

Admin API

Harness Kong Enterprise's features with the Admin API.

Learn more →

Kong Manager

Utilize Kong Manager to configure and manage Kong Enterprise.

Learn more →

Kong Dev Portal

Explore how to enable, configure, and customize the Kong Dev Portal.

Learn more →

APIs and Plugins

Expand Kong Enterprise's capabilities with additional APIs and Plugins.

Learn More →
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