Kubernetes managed Kong cluster
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hutchic feat(kong 1.0) support for kong 1.0 (#66)
* feat(kong 1.0) support for kong 1.0


* chore(*) bump kong to 1.0

* feat(kong 1.0) just use kong:latest docker image

* fix(migrations) update the kong migration command
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KONG Kubernetes Deployment

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Kong Community Edition (CE) or Kong Enterprise Edition (EE) can easily be provisioned on a Kubernetes cluster - see Kong on Kubernetes for all the details.

Important Note

When deploying into a Kubernetes cluster with Deployment Manager, it is important to be aware that deleting ReplicationController Kubernetes objects does not delete its underlying pods, and it is your responisibility to manage the destruction of these resources when deleting or updating a ReplicationController in your configuration.

Kong Enterprise Edition

Kong Enterprise is our powerful offering for larger organizations in need of security, monitoring, compliance, developer onboarding, higher performance, granular access and a dashboard to manage Kong easily. Learn more at https://konghq.com/kong-enterprise-edition/.