A Kong plugin for propogating zipkin spans and reporting spans to a zipkin server
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james-callahan rockspec: now requires kong >= 0.15
1.0rc3+ is also acceptable
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Getting Started

Get a running Zipkin instance

e.g. using docker:

sudo docker run -d -p 9411:9411 openzipkin/zipkin

Enable the Plugin

curl --url http://localhost:8001/plugins/ -d name=zipkin -d config.http_endpoint=

See many more details of using this plugin at https://docs.konghq.com/plugins/zipkin/


The Zipkin plugin is derived from an OpenTracing base.

A tracer is created with the "http_headers" formatter set to use the headers described in b3-propagation


  • kong.request: encompasing the whole request in kong. All other spans are children of this.
  • kong.rewrite: encompassing the kong rewrite phase
  • kong.proxy: encompassing kong's time as a proxy
    • kong.access: encompassing the kong access phase
    • kong.balancer: each balancer phase will have it's own span
    • kong.header_filter: encompassing the kong header filter phase
    • kong.body_filter: encompassing the kong body filter phase


Standard tags

"Standard" tags are documented here Of those, this plugin currently uses:

  • span.kind (sent to Zipkin as "kind")
  • http.method
  • http.status_code
  • http.url
  • peer.ipv4
  • peer.ipv6
  • peer.port
  • peer.hostname
  • peer.service

Non-Standard tags

In addition to the above standardised tags, this plugin also adds:

  • kong.api (deprecated)
  • kong.consumer
  • kong.credential
  • kong.node.id
  • kong.route
  • kong.service
  • kong.balancer.try
  • kong.balancer.state: see here for possible values
  • kong.balancer.code