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0.9.12 (2011.01.24)
[+] German translation.
0.9.11 (2011.07.31)
[+] AppIndicator support.
0.9.10 (2011.03.05)
[+] Support of Boost 1.46.
[+] Support of gtkmm 2.24.
[+] Support of libnotify 0.7.1.
[+] Updated Spanish and added German translations.
[-] Removed bundled libconfig and libtorrent which are not needed anymore,
because every modern distributive has them.
0.9.9 (2010.10.21)
[+] Translations update.
0.9.8 (2010.10.10)
[+] Ignore rate limits on local network setting.
[+] libtorrent-rasterbar 0.15.4 (for bundle version).
0.9.7 (2010.07.03)
[*] Fixed a bug in add torrent dialog - on some distributives torrents always
downloaded in the home directory.
0.9.6 (2010.05.08)
[*] Build error fix (
0.9.5 (2010.04.30)
[+] Translations update.
[*] Boost 1.40 fixes.
0.9.4 (2010.04.20)
[*] Closed debian bug #578343.
0.9.3 (2010.04.17)
[*] Libtorrent 0.15 support.
0.9.2 (2010.03.10)
[*] Fixed a bug, due to which trackers reverted to original torrent's trackers
after adding torrent to a session or after program restart.
0.9.1 (2010.02.07)
[*] Fixed a bug, due to which GUI could freeze and do not to response when
user watched peers list with clients which have the same IPs.
[*] Fixed unhandled exception with libconfig 1.4.1.
[*] Fixed build error with gtkmm 2.19.
0.9 (2010.02.01)
[+] Download complete notifications.
[+] Magnet links support.
[+] IP filter enabling/disabling.
[+] Now Publisher URL is also gotten from torrent's 'comment' field.
[+] Partial Spanish and Ukrainian translations.
[*] Fixed a bug, due to which "Copy when finished to" option copied
unnecessary files (downloaded by libtorrent, but marked as "Do not download"
by user).
[*] Fixed unhandled exception when user entered an invalid IP address in the
Preferences dialog.
[*] libtorrent-rasterbar 0.14.8.
0.8 (2009.10.21)
[+] Trackers' editing in the Add torrent dialog.
[+] "Compact details tab" option in the Preferences window.
[+] Some small GUI enhancements.
[*] Fixed a bug, due to which Flush ended its work when it was not be able to
create an inotify instance or when user selected "Load torrents from" option
in the Preferences window (not everywhere but for example on Linux 2.6.31).
0.7.2 (2009.10.02)
[*] Fixed a bug, due to which Flush could crash in very rare case.
0.7.1 (2009.09.23)
[+] Internal fixes and code enhancements.
[+] libtorrent-rasterbar-0.14.6.
[*] Fixed some small bugs.
0.7 (2009.07.09)
[+] "Random port" setting in the Daemon::Network::Misc settings tab.
[+] "Next announce" and "Announce interval" elements in the torrent's details
[+] "Max announce interval" setting in the Daemon::Network::Misc settings tab.
[+] More compact torrent's details tab.
[+] Deleting torrents by Delete key and deleting torrents with data by Shift +
Delete keys.
[+] Some small GUI and internal enhancements.
[+] Torrent's categories sidebar (all, paused, seeding, etc.).
[*] Fixed a bug, due to which GUI could freeze and do not to response.
[*] Fixed a bug, due to which GUI could be iconified to non-existent tray.
0.6 (2009.06.11)
[+] Ability to choose torrent file's character set encoding in the open
torrent dialog.
[+] "Publisher URL" line in the details tab.
[+] "Tracker status" line in the details tab.
[+] "Tracker" column in the torrents list.
[+] Tracker errors indication by grayscaling torrent's status icon.
[+] Recheck option in the torrent right-button-menu.
[+] Torrents temporary pausing and resuming .
[+] Libtorrent 0.14.4 (for bundle version).
[+] Ubuntu Hardy backport.
[*] Fixed some small command line options processing bug.
[*] Fixed GTK locking bug.
0.5.1 (2009.05.25)
[+] Increased maximum peers number, which Flush request from tracker to
libtorrent maximum value.
[*] Wrapper around GTK bug which caused tooltips blinking on GUI updating.
[*] Some small internal fixes.
0.5 (2009.05.15)
[+] Added toolbar.
[+] Tooltip over tray icon.
[+] Current Download/Upload speed in window title.
[+] Short "Torrents view" and "Torrent peers view" columns names.
[+] Treeview's headers and some settings window options tooltips.
[+] Updated boost configure macros.
[+] Automatic torrents removing by share ratio.
[+] Automatic torrents loading from specified directory.
[+] Libtorrent 0.14.3 (for bundle version).
[+] "Hide main window to tray at startup", "Minimize to tray" and "Close to
tray" settings.
[+] IP filter.
[+] From this moment all new GUI interfaces will be created using Glade.
[+] "Show zero values in torrents info columns" setting.
[+] Ability to choose action (pause, remove, remove with data), that Flush
must do, when one of the following events are occur: max seeding time limit
has been reached, max share ratio limit has been reached, maximum seeding
torrents limit has been reached.
[+] Status icon column in the torrents list.
[+] Some small GUI enhancements.
[-] Removed debian directory. Packages are now available at the
[*] If directory, setted in the Settings window, already is not exists,
Settings window will show user warning message instead of silently changing
directory to parent directory, as it was in previous version.
[*] Fixed small bug, due to which total download, total payload download,
total upload and total payload upload counters are grow, when user resume
not paused torrent.
0.4.1 (2009.04.01)
[*] Fixed bug which caused program terminating on x86-64 architectures with
following output:
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'libconfig::SettingTypeException'
what(): SettingTypeException
[*] Fixed compatibility bug, due to which program compilation fails under
[*] Fixed compatibility bug, due to which program compilation fails under
boost >= 1.35.
[*] Fixed small bug in torrent options tab: "Copy when finished to"
CheckButton was not updated when it was toggled at that time, when it can't be
toggled (when "Copy when finished to" Gtk::Entry is empty).
0.4 (2009.03.23)
[+] Torrent creating feature.
[+] Torrent renaming in add torrent dialog.
[+] Torrent options tab (setting sequential download, setting directory for
finished torrent files copying and editing torrent trackers list).
[+] Restoring DHT state from previous session.
[+] Added man pages (en, ru).
[+] Now source package is building in two versions: ordinary and bundle.
Bundle version include libconfig and libtorrent-rasterbar libraries that makes
building binary package more simple if this libraries is not exists in user
[+] Some other small enhancements.
[*] Small bugs fixes.
[*] fixes for supporting custom boost libraries.
0.3 (2009.02.17)
[+] Details tab.
[+] Status bar.
[+] Sessions statistics.
[+] Added "Open", "{Resume, Pause} {all, downloads, uploads}", "Set {download,
upload} rate limit" options to tray menu.
[+] Added ability to set custom download path for each file of torrent.
[+] Now automatic finished torrent files copying system copy only downloaded
at this time files and skipping not downloaded files.
[+] Added support of non-UTF-8 locales by some tricks with libtorrent which is
not support them.
[+] Improved displaying warning messages with multiple lines. Warnings with
many lines are now inserting into GtkScrolledWindow.
[+] Added new version of dbus-c++ [04.02.2009].
[+] Plain Makefile has been changed to autotools.
[*] Download and upload rate limits are now setted (in GUI and CLI) in KB/s
instead of B/s.
[*] Some other small enhancements.
0.2 (2009.01.15)
[+] "DHT", "LSD", "Peer exchange", "UPnP", "NAT-PMP" and "Smart ban" settings.
[+] "Open command" setting.
[+] Files priorities.
[+] Time left column.
[+] Some other small enhancements.
[-] Removed support of libtorrent < 0.14.
[*] Fixed a small bug causing writting default settings for GUI widgets to
config instead of current settings, when main window has not been shown any
time. It's happened because settings are taken out from GTK and if window has
not been shown any time, GTK returns, for example, invalid zero values for
TreeView columns width.
[*] Fixed bug because of bug in libtorrent documentation. "Total download",
"Total download (payload)", "Total upload", "Total upload (payload)" columns
was reseted after resuming torrent that was in downloading progress.
[*] Deprecated in libtorrent 0.14 method
libtorrent::torrent_handle::save_resume_data() has been removed from code.
0.1.3 (2009.01.05)
[*] Libtorrent Rasterbar 0.14 support.
0.1.2 (2009.01.03)
[*] Fixed few bugs which receive/send data in invalid charset.
[*] Flush has been compiled with boost 1.34.1, 1.35, 1.36 and 1.37 headers.
All conflicts has been fixed.
0.1.1 (2009.01.03)
[*] Small changes has been maded to remove conflicts with boost 1.37.
[*] Minor makefile changes (CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS not gotten from environment).
0.1 (2009.01.01)
[+] Initial release.