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Autoexec hack is a copilation of hacks for GoPro Cameras, like a GHDK (GoPro Hack Developer Kit).
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12MpPic Update autoexec.ash
2.7KLoopingVideo haack
20SecVideoAndPhoto Hack
20SecsVideoInfiniteLoop Update autoexec.ash
3D Update autoexec.ash
4KLoopingVideo haack
AE-Video Delete autoexec.ash
BatteryTimeExtender Commit
BurstHacks Update autoexec.ash
CA Update and rename CA/3/autoexec.ash to CA/autoexec.ash
ConsoleMode Console Mode
ContinuousPhotoHacks Hack
Custom-enquiries Update autoexec.ash
Dump2EXIF Rename Dumb2EXIF/autoexec.ash to Dump2EXIF/autoexec.ash
EffectShow Update autoexec.ash
Every10secsRedLight Update autoexec.ash
FisheyeRemoval Update
GoProFanaticsHacks asdf
GoProUpdateFiles gopro hero
HDRPhoto/HERO3Black Update autoexec.ash
HERO Delete timelapse.ash
HERO2Autoexec Update autoexec.ash
HERO4 Update
Hero3Silver Update autoexec.ash
Hero3White Delete autoexec.ash
If-Found Create autoexec.ash
LED-Dance Update autoexec.ash
LockExpTimelapse Create autoexec.ash
LockPhotoExposure Create autoexec.ash
LockVideoExposure Update
LongExpTimeLapse Create autoexec.ash
MegaLapse Create autoexec.ash
Mount/Wifi.conf Update and rename Mount/Shutter/autoexec.ash to Mount/Wifi.conf/autoe…
ND-Lens Create autoexec.ash
OnePhoto20SecVideoAndAnotherPhoto Hack
OnePicXsecsVideoOnePicLoop Create README
OneWiFi Hack
Photo-Effects commit
PhotoWiFiTransfer Create README
PicTurnOff Create autoexec.ash
ProTunePhoto add protune photo hack
ProtuneLoopingVideo haack
ProtuneONAndWB Update README
RebootGoPro Update autoexec.ash
RecXsecsAndTurnOff Rec X secs and Turn cam off
RootGoPro Hack
Sample Update autoexec.ash
SecureHack Update
SquareHDVideo Create autoexec.ash
SuperViewHERO3Black commit
Telnet/Hero3Black Update autoexec.ash
TextOnLCD Commit
Timer commit
TurnOnAndLED Hack
USBMac Create autoexec.ash
Video-Effects Update autoexec.ash
WarpLapse Update autoexec.ash
WiFiButtonMode Update autoexec.ash
Zoom/video Update autoexec.ash
binary-saver Create autoexec.ash
cam_info Update
deletemedia Update
dsp1-dot-log Create
if Update autoexec.ash
photofov Update autoexec.ash
rotation Create autoexec.ash
tcl Create autoexec.tcl
tcp_tuner Create
tree/custom-enquiries/BillRobertson Create autoexec.ash
videos/negative-timelapse Create autoexec.ash
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PortAndAutoexecInfo Update PortAndAutoexecInfo Update
THANKS.mdown Update THANKS.mdown Update Update Update Update
lightning.jpg add a bunch of files Testing commands!!!! AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


Making GoPro cameras exactly that, Pro cameras.

Autoexec hack is a copilation of autoexec.ash executable hacks for GoPro Cameras, like a GHDK (GoPro Hack Developer Kit). ALL HACKS HERE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY OF THE CAMERA

Just download the autoexec.ash file you will find in the folders and save the file in the root of the SD, insert SD back and turn on the camera, the hack will execute on boot. This is like some 80s autorun DOS fun hacking. Just in the XXI century.

It supports all the GoPro HERO cameras (see list), but, some commands work with certain cameras:

  • t app: works with HERO3 Black, HERO3+Black, HERO3+Silver
  • t gpio: works with HERO3 Silver, White and HERO2
  • reboot yes and non-t commands: all cameras
  • GoPro HERO4 supports linux commands and custom A9 commands

How to use autoexechack:

Cameras supported:

  • HERO2
  • HERO3 White
  • HERO3 Silver
  • HERO3 Black
  • HERO3+Silver
  • HERO3+Black
  • HERO2014
  • HERO4 Black (w/ supported fw)
  • HERO4 Silver (w/ supported fw)
  • HERO+LCD possibly


These scripts can be modified, remixed, tweaked and redistributed :) Feel free to use them as you want.



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