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narfbg committed Nov 1, 2012
1 parent 7f9216c commit ce1b02a0fa8e07f769c41634e19c15482244e687
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@@ -39,10 +39,10 @@ Release Date: Not Released
- Updated support for zip files in mimes.php.
- Updated support for csv files in mimes.php.
- Added some more doctypes.
- - Added Romanian, Greek and Vietnamese characters in *foreign_characters.php*.
+ - Added Romanian, Greek, Vietnamese and Cyrilic characters in *application/config/foreign_characters.php*.
- Changed logger to only chmod when file is first created.
- Removed previously deprecated SHA1 Library.
- - Removed previously deprecated use of ``$autoload['core']`` in application/config/autoload.php.
+ - Removed previously deprecated use of ``$autoload['core']`` in *application/config/autoload.php*.
Only entries in ``$autoload['libraries']`` are auto-loaded now.
- Removed previously deprecated EXT constant.
- Updated all classes to be written in PHP 5 style, with visibility declarations and no ``var`` usage for properties.

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