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The standard ident port is 113; however, since on many operating systems any port below 1024 is protected, you may either have to have root access. Otherwise, set up a port forward that goes from 113 to something higher, and serve on that.


Running an ident server typically isn't necessary, but some servers require it to connect. It does, however, make startup time much less since the client doesn't have to wait at the "Checking for ident..." phase:

from ircutils import bot, ident, start_all

class ExampleBot(bot.SimpleBot):

    def on_channel_message(self, event):
        print "<%s> %s" % (event.source, event.message)

if __name__ == "__main__":

        # Set up the bot
        example = ExampleBot("example_bot")

        # Set up the ident server.
        # We use 1113 here because 113 is protected by the operating system,
        # so we have to forward port 113 on the router to 1113 locally.
        identd = ident.IdentServer(port=1113)

        # Since we are running more than one server at the same time, we want to
        # take advantage of the asynchronous nature of IRCUtils, so we start
        # them together.