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A FreshRSS extension to directly watch YouTube videos through Invidious
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FreshRSS - Invidious videos extension

This FreshRSS extension allows you to directly watch YouTube videos displayed by your favorite Invidious instance from within subscribed channel feeds.

To use it, upload the xExtension-Invidious directory to the FreshRSS ./extensions directory on your server and enable it on the extension panel in FreshRSS.

This extension is originally forked from Kevin Papst's extension : Freshrss-Youtube.


The first step is to put the extension into your FreshRSS extension directory:

cd /var/www/FreshRSS/extensions/
mv freshrss-invidious-master/xExtension-Invidious .
rm -rf freshrss-invidious-master/

Then switch to your browser https://localhost/FreshRSS/p/i/?c=extension and activate it. You may want to configure it so you'd pick your favorite Invidious instance. A list of existing instances is available on Github


With FreshRSS and an original Youtube Channel feed: screenshot before

With activated Invidious extension : screenshot after

Chose whether instance you'd like to use as your frontend : screenshot_params

About FreshRSS

FreshRSS is a great self-hosted RSS Reader written in PHP, which is can also be found here at GitHub.

More extensions can be found at FreshRSS/Extensions.

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