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Global Data Chain

Global Data Chain is a decentralized Sidechain PoC build with the Lisk SDK. It can be used for storing various scientific measurements worldwide. For example:

  • Global temperatures
  • Radioactivity
  • Rainfall
  • Noise
  • Traffic
  • Carbon Dioxide levels

These measurements are collected by trusted operators worldwide. With this wide range of collected data it is possible to gain insight in past conditions, analyse and predict future conditions and even see if there are any correlations between the different data stored on GDC.

Docs and Demo

For a live demo:

For the public API:

Example calls:

For client documentation: Client - Readme

For Server documentation: Server - Readme

You can find helpful tools and examples to make transactions in the server/tools directory.

Custom transactions

There are currently 2 custom transactions implemented:

Type 101 register as operator 100 GDC

Operator object:
 name: string (64 char)
 location: string (22 char - Decimal degrees notation)

For the locations use Google maps Decimal degrees notation, example: 64.750913, -18.696712

Type 104 send data 0 GDC

dataType: string (20 char)
dataValue: string (10 char)
  1. checks if sender is an operator
  2. increases the totalDataTransactions counter stored in the senders account


A partial todo list:

  • Fix timestamp
  • Avoid duplicate operators
  • Display live data in linechart (update every n seconds)
  • ✓ Update linechart on click on map marker
  • ✓ Make mobile friendly
  • Create a client to communicate with sensors/ hardware
  • Add option to select different data types
  • Show current data values of the selected data type in the worldmap
  • Add 102 Vote for operator transaction
  • Add 103 Unvote operator transaction
  • Implement Proof of Trusted Operators (POTO) system
  • ..


Global Data Chain is a decentralized Sidechain PoC build with the Lisk SDK.






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