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What is it?

Kforms is an easy to use developer library for creating complex mobile forms. It was built as a cross-platform solution for customizable data collection in software applications. Check out for more information.

Most applications have a need for some amount of data collection. Kforms streamlines the process of integrating forms into an application, allowing developers to spend more time focusing on form behavior rather than worrying about UI implementation.

During the development and lifetime of an application the requirements for the application will inevitably change. It should be easy to adapt the functionality of your forms to ever-changing requirements with minimal development work required. Kforms makes it possible to tweak the behavior of forms in minutes rather than the hours, days, or weeks it would normally take.

From a simple customer feedback survey to a 50 page home inspection form, Kforms can scale to handle forms of any size or complexity. The library has built in support for conditionally displaying fields, sections, and pages as the user is in the process of filling out the form. You can even bind fields to external data sets so dropdown lists are always up to date with the latest data in your system with no code change required. That's just scratching the surface of the powerful data collection functionality Kforms can bring to your application.

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Where do I start?

To get started with Kforms, check out our documentation here You can checkout our demo app ReminderApp from this repository.

Current Availability

Kforms is currently available for Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Forms

We are planning on deploying to iOS (Swift, Objective C), Android (Java) and React in the near future. The release timeline and priority for specific platforms will heavily depend on the levels of interest we see.

Issue Reporting

If you’ve found an issue with the Kforms library, please submit it here with as much information as possible for us to understand and reproduce your issue. The following information is very useful to us:

  1. Goals.
  2. Expected results.
  3. Actual results.
  4. Steps to reproduce.
  5. Code sample that highlights the issue (full Xamarin projects that we can compile ourselves are ideal).
  6. Version of Kforms, OS X or Windows & Xamarin/Visual Studio.
  7. Xcode if targeting iOS, NDK if targeting Android.
  8. Platform, OS version & architecture on which the bug happens (e.g., 64-bit iOS 8.1).
  9. Crash logs & stack traces.
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