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v2.5 - 2014-05-19

  • Fixed qw() bug in foreach loops of two required Perl modules. Perl 5.13 and later no longer allows you use qw() to form lists in for/foreach loops without enclosing function in another set of parentheses.
  • Fixed very rare bug that could have ignored a possible core gene if only 1 of the 6 core proteins for any KOG matched a genomic region. This occurs in the TBLASTN step which looks to produce a list of 5 potential candidate regions for each KOG. Regions that are only supported by a KOG protein from a single species are highly unlikely to correspond to real core genes, but theoretically it was possible that this bug could cause 1 or 2 core genes to be missed.
  • Changed use of -max_num_description option for tblastn to instead use -max_target_seqs.
  • Fixed typo in documentation which mentioned -hmm_directory option instead of -hmm_profiles.
  • Use of -v|--verbose option now gives much more useful progress information about how far CEGMA has progressed through each stage.
  • More detailed output is produced for some steps when using -v|--verbose mode.
  • Have moved some functions that are used by multiple scripts to a new module.
  • Tried improving (and harmonizing) various error and warning messages.
  • Added more graceful ways of ending the script prematurely if no core genes are found at any stage of analysis (rather than just dying with a cryptic error message).
  • Removed duplication of exon details in GFF output. Lines with GFF feature description of 'Exon' are no longer printed (just 'First', 'Internal', and 'Terminal').
  • Added more default information to output, and refined use of -v|--verbose option.
  • Updated README file to include a new section about citing CEGMA and added link to the new CEGMA FAQ
  • Moved code to a GitHub repository
  • Included release notes file as part of code distribution


  • Fixed use of -threads option
  • Fixed bug which happened when genome contained no CEGs at all
  • Fixed error that could occur when processing some unusual genewise predictions
  • Fixed bug in calculating completeness statistics for the subset of 248 highly conserved CEGs
  • Made some error messages a little more meaningful
  • Made hmmsearch produce more useful verbose output


  • Added --threads details to built-in documentation
  • Used 'config no_ignore_case' options for Getopt::Long to avoid case sensitivity problems with -t/-T options
  • Fixed bug where if no protein alignments were made by genewise, we would not run geneid but still try to run awk on a nonexistent geneid output file.
  • Made some error messages a little more useful when script dies
  • parsewise script contained a bug that would manifest if a genewise prediction did not start with a loop state. The code to fix this scenario would not be applied if the last genewise prediction did not start with a loop.
  • Fixed ortholog statistics generated by final step of pipeline
  • Added key to final table


  • Supports NCBI BLAST+ only (support for WU-BLAST has been removed)
  • New --threads option to let you utliize multiple cores when running tblastn and hmmsearch
  • Now works with latest versions of HMMER and geneid
  • Misc. small improvements to code