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To install korok just use go get, it will works well. The following dependencies will be installed:

  1. go-gl gl-api for Windows/OSX.
  2. glfw windows system for Windows/OSX.
  3. freetype truetype font support.
  4. golang/x/image png/jpg image support.
  5. golang/x/mobile mobile support for Android/iOS
  6. oggvorbis ogg/vorbis decoding.

If any of the above dependency failed, you can just install it with the go get command.

System requirements

korok use OpenGL as rendering backend, OpenAL/OpenSL for audio.

Windows(not tested)

  1. OpenGL v2.1
  2. OpenAL v1.1

Most windows has a OpenGL version 1.1, maybe you should install v2.1 manually. See here for more information.


  1. OpenGL v3.3
  2. OpenAL v1.1


  1. OpenGL|ES v2.0
  2. OpenSL|ES


  1. OpenGL|ES v2.0
  2. OpenAL v1.1

If you are in China

For users in China suffering from g.f.w, it will fail to install golang/x/image and golang/x/mobile. The following guide is for you.

Q.1. Why I can't install golang/x/image and golang/x/mobile?

Both golang/x/image and golang/x/mobile is redirected by But is blocked by g.f.w, so go get will always fail while connecting to it.

Q.2. How can I workaround?

Setup VPN for your git environment. Or use git clone to clone each of the dependencies, then put them in the correct go-path.

A go workspace looks in practice:


Git clone image package from and mobile package from, then copy them to /

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