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@Koromix Koromix released this Apr 29, 2016 · 503 commits to master since this release

The windows version is now built with MSVC 2015 and is relatively smaller.

Main Changes:

  • Improve Compact Mode (board selection combobox, action toolbar)
  • Add context menu to the board list
  • Add global Preferences dialog
  • Add setting to limit number of parallel tasks
  • Enable Teensy++ 2.0 support by default
  • Configure new windows like the current one
  • Add dedicated Log Window (errors and debug)
  • Add action to reset TyQt and settings
  • Add per-board scrollback size setting
  • Add per-board encoding setting
  • Disable persistent settings for ambiguous boards (without a unique S/N)
  • Memorize the full board model when possible
  • Keep a list of recent firmwares for each board
  • Add action to forget the firmware associated with a board
  • Show RawHID interface device path
  • Add pending board status icon
  • Use slightly more colorful status icons
  • Move newline / echo settings to Monitor tab
  • Make attachMonitor a persistent board setting
  • Add more context to some errors messages
  • Avoid useless error / warning when rebooting a board already in bootloader mode
  • Disable UI actions for busy boards

Main Fixes:

  • Fix IRP leak on Win32 that leads to non-paged memory exhaustion after a while
  • Fix random serial timeout behavior with Serial devices on Win32
  • Fix support for USB 3.0 ports on OSX (missing devices)
  • Improve robustness / checks in Intel HEX parser
  • Fix autoscroll quirks with the Monitor text control
  • Use lower maxTasks by default to limit USB problems (especially on Windows)
  • Fix crash with extension-less firmware filenames
  • Fix tyc monitor statements not respecting --quiet
  • Fix relatively slow UI updates on board changes
  • Try harder to show the board selection dialog on top

Code Refactoring:

  • Extract "low-level" cross-platform device code to libhs
  • Port to MSVC for the Windows packages
  • Diffuse code refactoring
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