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Garth - Genetic AlgoRiTHm

Copyright 2010 Korovasoft, Inc.

Available under the terms of the Apache Public License, version 2.0 See LICENSE file for details.


Garth is designed as a framework for writing customized highly parallel genetic algorithm software. It is designed to be incorporated into your existing simulation or research software as an optimization addon.

Garth can also be treated as a standalone GA toolkit, requiring only that one write a fitness function plugin.


Garth is designed in a highly modular fashion, making it easy to customize specific components of the genetic algorithms process to your needs.

For example, the most common situation is that your fitness measure will need to be determined by some outside software package. This is a big hurdle for GA toolkits that require you to write your fitness functions in a hand-rolled scripting language.

Development / Installation

Scrum Story List: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/149225

You'll have to build it with Eclipse or write your own build scripts, because I couldn't figure out how to make Helios export an AntScript

Remember, All the genes are doubles on [0,1], so it is YOUR JOB to map these values to an appropriate alphabet for each gene before computing your fitness function. I am forcing this restriction in order to keep the mutation statistics easy, also it's not that much of a pain in your ass, so stop bitching...