A version of zcommon.acs with Zandronum functions
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zcommon.acs for Zandronum

This repository contains the latest version of zcommon.acs for Zandronum that includes the latest Zandronum-specific functions. To download, click "Clone or download" above and then "Download as ZIP".

Also, floor(), ceil() and round() are renamed to ZDoom_floor(), ZDoom_ceil() and ZDoom_round(). Why? Because they return 0 in all versions of Zandronum, and ACSUtils already includes their implementations that work in Zandronum. You can copy them from ACSUtils if you don't want to use the whole ACSUtils.

Supported compilers

  • ACC - see acc/ folder
  • BCC - use ACC files to compile ACS with BCC, see bcc/ folder for BCS language version
  • GDCC - see gdcc/ folder