A Linux Distribuition with tools writen in Ruby. Can a Linux distribution be an MVC WEB application?
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A Linux From Scratch built-in with tools written in Ruby language.

Its currently in development of tool chain build system, that will be used to build a linux system it self.

Some of major changes will be implemented in init and run levels systems and base system.

In an second redesign, I plan to redefine the linux file system, using an modern and intuitive FS layout, like GoboLinux, but I have no plans to maintain any compatibility or standards.

My modifications will includes:

- RubyInitd, a intelligent init and monitoring system.

- KoshLinux package manager system, based on YML or pure Ruby recipes to build and tar bz files for compiled packages.

- Ruby Web Interface to system admin and user preferences.

- All using SqLite to store configurations and service informations.

- And also managed by command line tools.

  - Compile source code for package from a Recipe
  - Really Simple Stupid dependency system implemented current Recipe
  - Create a complete bootstrap system for compile a base system GNU based on Linux From Scratch Howtos

  You need somes packages installed on your system for start build a KoshLinux systems

  - bash
  - binutils
  - bison
  - yacc
  - readlink
  - bzip2
  - coreutils
  - diff
  - find
  - gawk
  - gcc
  - libc6
  - grep
  - gzip
  - cat
  - m4
  - make
  - patch
  - perl
  - sed
  - tar
  - texinfo
  - git
  - ruby


It's simple. Just do:

 git clone git@github.com:KoshTech/Kosh-Linux.git

Then cd into Build folder:

 cd Kosh-Linux/DevelSystem/Build

If you want to use a development branch, do:

 git checkout devel

You can use a lite script to check the Build dependence on you host machine:


Look at messages generated by the script. If no errors are visible, you system is Ok to build process.
To start the build, run: