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Laravel & Lumen Cache Service | File and Redis cache system
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Cache System

Why use it?

Manage your cache easily. This package is useful for better managing the File or Redis cache. Implements the functions for creating and returning caches using json-encoded serialization to make the cache transportable and usable by other external microservices.

Install & Configuration
composer require kosmosx/cache

You must enter the following provider in the bootstrap/app.php file: Uncomment the function


Load configuration in boostrap file


Or publish config in your Service Provider

    'Kosmosx/Cache/config/cache.php' => config_path('cache.php')
], 'config');

    'Kosmosx/Cache/config/database.php' => config_path('database.php')
], 'config');

Register service provider



Once you have cofigured using it:

$factory = app('factory.cache');            //return CacheFactory
$builderFile = $factory->file();            //return FileBuilder
$builderRedis = $factory->redis();          //return RedisBuilder
$file = app('service.cache.file');          //FileCommand
$redis = app('service.cache.redis');        //RedisCommand


//If you use builder obj  
$builderRedis->default()->set($key, $value, $ttl);          //build FileCommand with DefaultSerializer and set cache
$builderRedis->response()->set($response, $value, $ttl);
$builderRedis->collect()->set($collect, $value, $ttl);

//With services 
$file->set($key, $value, $ttl);
$redis->set($key, $value, $ttl);


//array example: ["key" => $value, "key2" => $value2 ...]
//$ttl for all values

$builderFile->default()->setMany(array $values, $ttl);

$file->setMany(array $values, $ttl);
$redis->setMany(array $values, $ttl);


$file->get($key, $serializer);
$redis->get($key, $serializer);


//array example: ["key", "key2", "keyN" ...]

$file->getMany(array $keys);
$redis->getMany(array $keys);


All data stored in cache (redis / file) are serialized with the json coding, so as to make them transportable by other languages. it is possible to use typed serializers, so that when it is recovered it is possible to reconstruct the initial object.

ResponseSerializer()  //If you want cache Response object 
CollectSerializer()   //If you want cache Collect object 
DefaultSerializer()   //default cache

...->setSerializer(new ResponseSerializer());

Own Serializer

If you want to create your own serializer, just create a class that extends SerializerAbstract

use Kosmosx\Cache\Serializer\Abstracts\Serializer;
use Kosmosx\Cache\Serializer\Interfaces\SerializerInterface;
class {name} extends Serializer implements SerializerInterface

Other function

 //Use class cache manager 
 ...->manager()	//return istance of Illuminate/Redis or CacheManager     
 ...->forget(string $keys)
 ...->forgetMany(array $keys)
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