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Resources manager for: Js, CSS, Metatag, Open Graph. You can add and load resources with simple function.
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Front Manager package

Frontend manager for: Js, CSS, Metatag, Open Graph. You can add and load resources with simple function.


Install with console command

composer require kosmosx/frontend

Or add in composore.json one of:

"kosmosx/frontend": "~1" // version >=1.0.0 <2.0.0

"kosmosx/frontend": "1.0.*" // version >=1.0.0 <1.1.0

Support (If you use a smaller version, compatibility is not guaranteed)

Add provider in config file app.php (if Laravel)

'providers' => array(

Register provider in bootstrap file (if Lumen)


$app->withFacades(); //uncomment if you want to use the Facades of the package

Let's go

Basic usage

$resources = (new FrontendFactory())->scripts();
$resources = new ScriptsFrontend();

$resources->add('', array(),'head.jquery')
    ->add('', array("type"=>"script"),'footer');

'head.jquery': head it is the context where the resource should be loaded inside the DOM (if omitted, body is used by default); jquery is the name of resource (not reuqired) Render tags

$resources->dump() //render all script tags

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="" type="script"></script>

All method of FrontendInvoker

$resources->add(...)        //push in resources new element
          ->dump(...)       //render resources element
          ->has(...)        //find element in resources
          ->forget(...)     //forget element in resources

Function of services(Resource and Metatag)

->exist($resource, $context, $name) //$resource (script, js, og, meta etc..)
                                  //$context (body,footer etc..) if metatag service only 'head'
                                  //$name (name of resources) if metatag service name of type

->delete($resource, $context, $name)
->setContext()                    //add extra context to default
->cleanText()                     //clean string (remove tag and special charter)


$openGraph = new OpenGraphFrontend();                       //create with Service
$openGraph = new FrontendInvoker(new OpenGraphFrontend());  //create with invoker that use command
$openGraph = (new FrontendFactory())->opengraph();          //create with Factory that use invoker

$openGraph->add('title', 'Resources Manager')->add('description', 'Og description');

return $openGraph->dump();
    <meta property="og:title" content="Resources Manager"></meta>
    <meta property="og:description" content="Og description"></meta>

return $openGraph->dump('og:title');
        <meta property="og:title" content="Resources Manager"></meta>


The pull requests will be reviewed (document the code or write a detailed comment) and if successful they will be accepted

Write to or create an issue.

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