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  1. Ditko

    Ditko is an iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS framework that extends the AppKit, UIKit, and WatchKit frameworks.

    Objective-C 5

  2. KSOTextInputEditText

    KSOTextInputEditText is an iOS framework for Android Material Design TextInputEditText styled UITextFields.

    Objective-C 3

  3. KSOForm

    KSOForm is a iOS/tvOS framework for building Settings app like views.

    Objective-C 1

  4. KSOChatKit

    KSOChatKit provides various controls for building a Messages like UI.

    Objective-C 1 1

  5. Agamotto

    Agamotto is an iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS framework that provides block based extensions to KVO and NSNotificationCenter.

    Objective-C 3

  6. KSOToken

    KSOToken is a UITextView subclass that provides functionality similar to NSTokenField on macOS.

    Objective-C 2 2