Tool for get information from window like Spy++ or AutoIt Window Information Tool
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Tool for get information from window like Spy++ or [AutoIt Window Information Tool] ( "AutoIt Window Information Tool")

Using the WinInfo Tool you can move your mouse around the window you are interested in and you will be given information of the control that is currently under your mouse. Also you can found control window browse the tree in "All Windows" tab.

Main WinIfo window

Information that can be obtained includes:

Property name Description
Text The text on a control, for example "&Next" on a button
Class The window class (see this)
ID The child-window identifier (see description hMenu parameter in CreateWindow function)
Position For the child-window this is a coordinates upper-left corner in root parent client area, for the root window this is a screen coordinates that are relative to the upper-left corner of the screen
Size The window size in pixels
Style The window style (see this)
ExStyle The extended window styles (see this)
Handle The window handle

Main WinIfo window

Sorry for my english.