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Aviasales Travel iOS SDK is deprecated in favor of Travelpayouts Travel App

Aviasales Travel iOS SDK

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Aviasales Travel iOS SDK is a framework for flights and hotels search engine integration. When your user books flight or hotel, you get paid. Aviasales, Jetradar and Hotellook official apps are based on this framework. This framework includes:

  • two static libraries to integrate with flights and hotels search engine;
  • UI template project. You may create your flights and hotels search apps based on this template. To track statistics and payments, please visit our affiliate network website — To learn more about the Travelpayouts affiliate network, please visit Travelpayouts FAQ.

How to build your own app using the template project

📲 Setup

  1. Download the latest release of template project (not beta) here:
  2. Download dependencies via pod install --repo-update command in Terminal. Do not forget to cd to the template project folder. Use the AviasalesSDKTemplate.xcworkspace to work with your project.
  3. Add your partner's token and marker in default_config.plist file to constants partner_marker and api_token.
  4. If you don't have partner marker and API token, please sign up on Travelpayouts.
  5. Use the default_config.plist config file to enable/disable flights/hotels tabs, to add app description, feedback email and App Store app link for the "About" page, to add localized values for external links and set default search parameters for the first app launch.

📱 iOS versions support

Framework supports iOS 9.0 and higher

🖼 App Icon

Do not forget to replace app icons (Template project includes simple white icons by default). To do this you will need to replace icons in AviasalesSDKTemplate/Resources/App.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset folder (20.png, 29.png, 40.png etc) with your own icons with same names.

✈️🏨 Tab selection

If you want to remove flights or hotels search tab, change values of flights_enabled and hotels_enabled to NO in Project settings. Settings tab can't be removed.

🔧 Predefined filters

If you want to limit search results by one or several airlines, add IATA's of these airlines to the config file with the available_airlines key as array elements. You can limit the cities for the hotel searching as well. To do this, set the selectable parameter to NO in the config file and fill the placeholder text for the search form header (headers parameter in localization keys). Do not forget to specify search city id and title.

🇺🇸🇷🇺 Localization

Text localizations can be added with NSLSKey in "Attributes Inspector" section of xib-files.

✍🏻 RTL support

Travel SDK template app supports RTL languages. Note, that hotel section becomes unavailable when you select RTL language in settings.

🔧🌻 Color customization

You can choose color scheme in ColorSchemeManager.swift file. Just add to current variable one of these values: BlackColorScheme() / BlueColorScheme() / PurpleColorScheme(). Or set CustomColorScheme() value and set up any color scheme you need in CustomColorScheme.swift file. You can also customize the appearance and colors of elements in xib files. Check the available for editing fields in the "Attributes Inspector" section. You can use any values from JRColorScheme.h as color keys. Here is a list of primary fields with explanations:

Title Description
mainColor Primary app color
actionColor Actions highlight color
formTintColor Search forms icons and buttons color
formBackgroundColor Search forms background color
formTextColor Saerch forms text color

If you need more customization (hotel photos loading activity indicator color, filters elements color, etc.), use settings in JRColorScheme.m file.

🤑 Appodeal ads setup

To get additional profit from ads, we've integrated Mobile Ads Appodeal SDK in the app. To configure it, specify the appodeal_key parameter in the default_config.plist file (get your API key by registering at Appodeal). Ads will appear on the waiting screens for tickets and hotels searching by default.

⭐️ Feedback

Set up the feedback_email and itunes_link parameters in default_config.plist file to activate "Contact us" and "Rate this app" links.

🏭 Use of Fabric/Crashlytics

Fabric/Crashlytics SDK is included in the Template project. It monitors crashes and helps distribute builds to testers. To activate these functions you need to register and get API Key и Build Secret at Further steps:

  1. Fill in corresponding values in in the root folder
  2. Fill in Fabric > APIKey in AviasalesSDKTemplate-Info.plist

🏭 Use of Firebase

Template app supports Firebase services. To enable them, please connect your app in the Firebase console, download and copy the GoogleService-Info.plist file and switch the firebase_enabled flag to YES in the default_config.plist file. Out of the box there is an analytics support for: Search / Ticket opened / Ticket booked in the airlines part and Search / Hotel opened / Hotel booked in the hotels part of the app.

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