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package i_introduction._0_Hello_World
import util.TODO
import util.doc0
Note that this project is obsolete.
For the last version of Koans, check either
online version
the course in the EduTools plugin
The task content can be found at
fun todoTask0(): Nothing = TODO(
Task 0.
Read to learn how to work with this project and check your solutions.
Using 'documentation =' below the task description you can open the related part of the online documentation.
Press 'Ctrl+Q'(Windows) or 'F1'(Mac OS) on 'doc0()' to call the "Quick Documentation" action;
"See also" section gives you a link.
You can see the shortcut for the "Quick Documentation" action used in your IntelliJ IDEA
by choosing "Help -> Find Action..." (in the top menu), and typing the action name ("Quick Documentation").
The shortcut in use will be written next to the action name.
Using 'references =' you can navigate to the code mentioned in the task description.
Let's start! Make the function 'task0' return "OK". Note that you can return expression directly.
documentation = doc0(),
references = { task0(); "OK" }
fun task0(): String {
return todoTask0()