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package i_introduction._0_Hello_World
import util.TODO
import util.doc0
fun todoTask0(): Nothing = TODO(
Task 0.
Read to learn how to work with this project and check your solutions.
Using 'documentation =' below the task description you can open the related part of the online documentation.
Press 'Ctrl+Q'(Windows) or 'F1'(Mac OS) on 'doc0()' to call the "Quick Documentation" action;
"See also" section gives you a link.
You can see the shortcut for the "Quick Documentation" action used in your IntelliJ IDEA
by choosing "Help -> Find Action..." (in the top menu), and typing the action name ("Quick Documentation").
The shortcut in use will be written next to the action name.
Using 'references =' you can navigate to the code mentioned in the task description.
Let's start! Make the function 'task0' return "OK". Note that you can return expression directly.
documentation = doc0(),
references = { task0(); "OK" }
fun task0(): String {
return todoTask0()