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5adb559 Jul 27, 2017
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package iii_conventions
import util.TODO
import util.doc26
fun todoTask26_(): Nothing = TODO(
Task 26.
Uncomment the commented line and make it compile.
Make all the changes to the file MyDate.kt.
Tips: In Kotlin 'in' checks are translated to the corresponding 'contains' calls.
You can add a method 'fun contains(d: MyDate)' to the class 'DateRange' to allow 'in' checks with a range of dates.
Alternatively, you can make the class 'DateRange' implement the 'ClosedRange' interface from the standard library.
documentation = doc26(),
references = { range: ClosedRange<Int> -> }
fun checkInRange(date: MyDate, first: MyDate, last: MyDate): Boolean {
// return date in DateRange(first, last)