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JetBrains incubator project

Kotlin Spinner Game

Simple spinner-like game intended to demonstrate capabilities of Kotlin/Native software stack

How to play

  • Download and install the mobile application for Android or iOS
  • The system will automatically assign you to a random team. Each team has a unique colour
  • Spin the Kotlin logo using your fingers, or alternatively shake your phone
  • Each two full rotations (i.e. 720 degrees) will increment your team's score
  • The team with the highest score wins

Technical details

The entire application is implemented using Kotlin/Native


Server side runs on a linux server and is implemented using:

  • microHTTPD HTTP server library
  • SQLite for the database, storing score
  • Jansson for JSON serialization and client/server communication



You need to have ANDROID_HOME set to your Android SDK location.

Client side for Android is implemented in pure Kotlin/Native, as a Native Activity using:


Client side for iOS is implemented in pure Kotlin/Native using:

Implementation details

  • Most graphical code, sound playback and user input reaction is shared between Android and iOS
  • Server interaction on Android is asynchronous from the UI thread, using workers
  • HTTP server works in multithreaded mode, state sharing between sessions performed via SQLite DB access
  • Android app is split into separate loader and application code, so that dynamic library ( included with application can be used on older Androids
  • WebAssembly frontend can fetch and render stats in the browser

Project Sources

Use JDK1.8, for Android compatibility, i.e.: export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_161.jdk/Contents/Home

To use microhttpd (HTTP server) install it, i.e.:

port install libmicrohttpd
apt install libmicrohttpd-dev

To use jansson (JSON library) install it, i.e.:

port install jansson
apt install libjansson-dev

To use sqlite (embedded SQL server) install it:

port install sqlite3
apt install libsqlite3-dev

To use curl (HTTP client) install it:

port install curl
apt install libcurl3-nss


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