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Version 1.0.0-RC1

  • Coroutines API is updated to Kotlin 1.3.
  • Deprecated API is removed or marked as internal.
  • Experimental and internal coroutine API is marked with corresponding kotlin.experimental.Experimental annotation. If you are using @ExperimentalCoroutinesApi or @InternalCoroutinesApi you should explicitly opt-in otherwise, compilation warning (or error) will be produced.
  • Unconfined dispatcher (and all dispatchers which support immediate invocation) forms event-loop on top of the current thread, thus preventing all StackOverflowErrors. Unconfined dispatcher is now much safer for the general use and may leave its experimental status soon (#704).
  • Significantly improved performance of suspending hot loops in kotlinx.coroutines (#537).
  • Proguard rules are embedded into coroutines JAR to assist jettifier (#657)
  • Fixed bug in shutdown sequence of runBlocking (#692).
  • ReceiveChannel.receiveOrNull is marked as obsolete and deprecated.
  • Job.cancel(cause) and ReceiveChannel.cancel(cause) are deprecated, cancel() returns Unit (#713).