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@qwwdfsad qwwdfsad released this
· 308 commits to master since this release

Release candidate for 1.0.0 version. The goal of RC release is to collect feedback from users
and provide 1.0.0 release with bug fixes and improvements based on that feedback.

While working on 1.0.0 version, we carefully examined every public API declaration of the library and
split it to stable API, that we promise to be source and binary-compatible,
and experimental API, that may be changed in the future.
Experimental API is annotated with @ExperimentalSerializationApi annotation, which requires opt-in.
For a more detailed description of the guarantees, please refer to the compatibility guide.

The id of the core artifact with @Serializable annotation and Json format was changed
from kotlinx-serialization-runtime to kotlinx-serialization-core to be more clear and aligned with other kotlinx libraries.

A significant part of the public API was renamed or extracted to a separate package.
To migrate from the previous versions of the library, please refer to the migration guide.

API changes


  • Core API changes

    • stringify and parse are renamed to encodeToString and decodeFromString
    • parseJson and fromJson are renamed to parseToJsonElement and decodeFromJsonElement
    • Reified versions of methods are extracted to extensions
  • Json constructor is replaced with Json {} builder function, JsonConfiguration is deprecated in favor
    of Json {} builder

    • All default Json implementations are removed
    • Json companion object extends Json
  • Json configuration

    • prettyPrintIndent allows only whitespaces
    • serializeSpecialFloatingPointValues is renamed to allowSpecialFloatingPointValues. It now affects both serialization and deserialization behaviour
    • unquoted JSON flag is deprecated for removal
    • New coerceInputValues option for null-defaults and unknown enums (#90, #246)
  • Simplification of JsonElement API

    • Redundant members of JsonElement API are deprecated or extracted to extensions
    • Potential error-prone API is removed
    • JsonLiteral is deprecated in favor of JsonPrimitive constructors with nullable parameter
  • JsonElement builders rework to be aligned with stdlib collection builders (#418, #627)

    • Deprecated infix to and unaryPlus in JSON DSL in favor of put/add functions
    • jsonObject {} and json {} builders are renamed to buildJsonObject {} and buildJsonArray {}
    • Make all builders inline (#703)
  • JavaScript support

    • DynamicObjectParser is deprecated in the favor of Json.decodeFromDynamic extension functions
    • Json.encodeToDynamic extension is added as a counterpart to Json.decodeFromDynamic (former DynamicObjectParser) (#116)
  • Other API changes:

    • JsonInput and JsonOutput are renamed to JsonDecoder and JsonEncoder
    • Methods in JsonTransformingSerializer are renamed to transformSerialize and transformDeserialize
    • JsonParametricSerializer is renamed to JsonContentPolymorphicSerializer
    • JsonEncodingException and JsonDecodingException are made internal
  • Bug fixes

    • IllegalStateException when null occurs in JSON input in the place of an expected non-null object (#816)
    • java.util.NoSuchElementException when deserializing twice from the same JsonElement (#807)

Core API for format authoring

  • The new naming scheme for SerialFormats

    • Core functions in StringFormat and BinaryFormat are renamed and now follow the same naming scheme
    • stringify/parse are renamed to encodeToString/decodeFromString
    • encodeToByteArray/encodeToHexString/decodeFromByteArray/decodeFromHexString in BinaryFormat are introduced instead of dump/dumps/load/loads
  • New format instances building convention

    • Constructors replaced with builder-function with the same name to have the ability to add new configuration parameters,
      while preserving both source and binary compatibility
    • Format's companion objects now extend format class and can be used interchangeably
  • SerialDescriptor-related API

    • SerialDescriptor and SerialKind are moved to a separate kotlinx.serialization.descriptors package
    • ENUM and CONTEXTUAL kinds now extend SerialKind directly
    • PrimitiveDescriptor is renamed to PrimitiveSerialDescriptor
    • Provide specific buildClassSerialDescriptor to use with classes' custom serializers, creating other kinds is considered experimental for now
    • Replace extensions that returned lists (e.g. elementDescriptors) with properties that return iterable as an optimization
    • IndexOutOfBoundsException in descriptor.getElementDescriptor(index) for List after upgrade to 0.20.0 is fixed (#739)
  • SerializersModule-related API

    • SerialModule is renamed to SerializersModule
    • SerialModuleCollector is renamed to SerializersModuleCollector
    • All builders renamed to be aligned with a single naming scheme (e.g. SerializersModule {} DSL)
    • Deprecate infix with in polymorphic builder in favor of subclass()
    • Helper-like API is extracted to extension functions where possible.
    • polymorphicDefault API for cases when type discriminator is not registered or absent (#902)
  • Contextual serialization

    • @ContextualSerialization is split into two annotations: @Contextual to use on properties and @UseContextualSerialization to use on file
    • New SerialDescriptor.capturedKClass API to introspect SerializersModule-based contextual and polymorphic kinds (#515, #595)
  • Encoding-related API

    • Encoding-related classes (Encoder, Decoder, AbstractEncoder, AbstractDecoder) are moved to a separate kotlinx.serialization.encoding package
    • Deprecated typeParameters argument in beginStructure/beginCollection methods
    • Deprecated updateSerializableValue and similar methods and UpdateMode enum
    • Renamed READ_DONE to DECODE_DONE
    • Make extensions inline where applicable
    • mockery (InputStream, ByteArrayInput, etc) is removed
  • Serializer-related API

    • UnitSerializer is replaced with Unit.serializer()
    • All methods for serializers retrieval are renamed to serializer
    • Context is used as a fallback in serializer by KType/Java's Reflect Type functions (#902, #903)
    • Deprecated all exceptions except SerializationException.
    • @ImplicitReflectionSerializer is deprecated
    • Support of custom serializers for nullable types is added (#824)


  • ProtoBuf constructor is replaced with ProtoBuf {} builder function
  • ProtoBuf companion object now extends ProtoBuf
  • ProtoId is renamed to ProtoNumber, ProtoNumberType to ProtoIntegerType to be consistent with ProtoBuf specification
  • ProtoBuf performance is significantly (from 2 to 10 times) improved (#216)
  • Top-level primitives, classes and objects are supported in ProtoBuf as length-prefixed tagless messages (#93)
  • SerializationException is thrown instead of IllegalStateException on incorrect input (#870)
  • ProtobufDecodingException is made internal

Other formats

  • All format constructors are migrated to builder scheme
  • Properties serialize and deserialize enums as strings (#818)
  • CBOR major type 2 (byte string) support (#842)
  • ConfigParser is renamed to Hocon, kotlinx-serialization-runtime-configparser artifact is renamed to kotlinx-serialization-hocon
  • Do not write/read size of collection into Properties' map (#743)