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What is Koto


Title Detail
Name Koto
Algorithm yescrypt (GlobalBoost-Y)
Default rpc port 8432
Total coins 214,160,000 KOTO
Premine 1.83% (3,920,000 KOTO) *1
Block time 1 minutes
Block reward 100 KOTO *2
Halving interval 1,072,800 blocks (2 years)

*1 : Bounty for developers of wallet, pool, insight, faucet, etc...
For more information (Japanese)
*2 : Slow start (43,200 blocks, finished)
Minning confirmation : 100 blocks


Official Koto Webpage
Official Koto Discord
Official Koto BitcoinTalk
Official Koto GitHub Official Koto Discourse AskMona Koto Mining Discussion (Japanese)
AskMona Koto Develop Discussion (Japanese)


  • Wallet
    Wallet for Koto.
    You can choose either Web Wallet or OS native wallet.

  • Miner
    Generate new Koto by using CPU/GPU.

  • Address
    ID of wallet.
    There are 2 address type, Transparent Address and Private Address.

  • Transparent Address (T Address)
    Koto Wallet address start with k1*** or jz***.
    Anyone can trace transactions from/to this address.
    Mining rewards are added for this address.

  • Private Address (Z Address)
    Koto Wallet address start with z***.
    Anyone cannot trace transactions from/to this address.

  • init(.sh/.bat)
    Koto wallet initializer.

  • kotod(.exe)
    OS native Koto wallet executable.

  • koto-cli(.exe)
    CUI based Koto wallet controller for kotod.

RoadMap for miners

  1. Get Wallet
    1. Windows Wallet
    2. OSX Wallet
    3. Linux Wallet
  2. Make Transparent Address
    1. Web Wallet
    2. Java GUI Wallet
    3. koto-cli (CUI)
  3. Mining
    1. Get Miner Windows-x64 Windows-x86 MAC
    2. Mining
    3. Sheilding (for Solo miner)

RoadMap for user

  1. Check Balance
  2. Send Koto
  3. ...