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External camunda admin portal, which make live in multi-camunda`s environment much easy #camunda
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External camunda admin portal. Make life in multi-camunda`s environment much easy and provide some cool features. License : GNU GPLv3.

DEMO: (dont forget about CORS)

0. How to run

a) ---make excamad---

  • git clone
  • npm install
  • fill src/config/settings.js with own value
  • npm run serve (start dev server) OR
  • npm run build (produce html,js,css in to /dist/)

b) --prepair camunda--

1. Features


  • Online statistics about active and ended processes
  • Migration tool
  • Batch variables editor
  • Search instances in history by ID and variables
  • Old activity report
  • Browser viewer and modeler for deployed processes
  • Jira integration (fetch issue about activities from jira)


  • Online statistics
  • Decisions viewer and modeler
  • Bitbucket integration
  • Deploy from browser


  • Batch rerun activities
  • Fix selected activities
  • Delete failed instances


Provide facebook-like feed about activities in system.


Simple forms and form generator. You need extend your Camunda rest api with method /taskfields

public ctaskfieldslass TaskFieldsService {

    public String getFormFieldList(@Context HttpHeaders httpHeaders,
    @PathParam("taskId") String taskId) {
    ProcessEngine processEngine = ProcessEngines.getDefaultProcessEngine();
    FormService formService = processEngine.getFormService();
    TaskFormData taskFormData = formService.getTaskFormData(taskId);
    List<FormField> formFieldList = taskFormData.getFormFields();
    String json = JSON(formFieldList).toString();
    return json;


Business process as service

Organize camunda as provider of BPMN processes.


Easy switch server and envorments.


Ready login provider for basic auth and passthrough to Jira and Bitbucket.

2. Access to server

Excamad is servless app - all api calls made from your browser. You need host produced files (/dist) on some web-server. And you need enable CORS on your`s camunda.

3. Install

npm insall
npm run build  // produce files in dist/
npm run serve  // start develop server

You need write global variables in seetings.js and camundasUrl.js. Don`t foget turn on "Expert mode" in "Systems" to enable danger commands.

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