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Kottans: the ongoing projects

This repo is dedicated to tracking

  • ongoing proposals from fellow kottans or just regular bystander about any kind of improvements
  • progress and links to other parts of Kottans' Magic Land™ in which courses, events, fun/useful projects are brewed
  • list of collaborators/contributors and projects/events that we want to emphasize

How to make sense of things?

You can just go straight to the big list of things. Issues (or proposals) there might be using tags to indicate type of issue.

If you have something you want to share – create a proposal. If you see proposal you can help with – leave a comment and collaborate.

Type of Item

Proposal item might be generally classified into:

  • Kottans Course. This would include proposal to run (new) course in (some/new) city.
  • Kottans Event. Event under Kottans™ umbrella. Kottans hackathon, workshop, meetup, etc. Kottans should be invited, but event shouldn't be restricting to be kottans-exclusive (yet it may).
  • Other event. Yet it has to do something with open-source, charity and or other areas that kottans might be interested to help with.
  • Kottans Improvement. Has to deal with something regarding our tools, workflow, chores, etc. 'Work on Site', 'Post on', 'Print and distribute stickers' might be labeled under this.
  • Kottans Project. Deals with things kottans build for greater good, yet our own. 'Create tool for registration', 'create automated tests for all Ruby homeworks', etc.
  • Other Project. Invite kottans to hack on something, preferably open-source and something you are not making money off.

Proposal Format

So, typical issue should contain:

  1. Subject (short sentence describing initiative).
  2. Term/duration (when is it going to take place or how long it might last).
  3. Keywords: + Online/offline + City + Technologies
  4. What do we propose and what do we need to reach the goal? Consider adding 'due date', 'qty of people needed', 'skills needed' fields.

How to help

  • Go through open / stuck issues and see, what is of interest to you. You can indicate that with emoji thumbs-up reaction. If you willing to pick up the issue, write a corresponding comment.
  • Go through in progress issues with help wanted tag – it might require skills you possess.
  • Have great idea for kottans? Tell us about it. Or try mailing us if you are not sure whether idea will stick with us.