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import datetime
from logging import getLogger
from import NewResponse
from import subscriber
from pyramid.response import FileResponse
from sqlalchemy.orm.exc import DetachedInstanceError
from kotti import get_settings
from import get_user
CACHE_POLICY_HEADER = 'x-caching-policy'
logger = getLogger(__name__)
def set_max_age(response, delta, cache_ctrl=None):
"""Sets max-age and expires headers based on the timedelta `delta`.
If `cache_ctrl` is not None, I'll add items found therein to the
Cache-Control header.
Will overwrite existing values and preserve non overwritten ones.
if cache_ctrl is None:
cache_ctrl = {}
seconds = delta.seconds + delta.days * 24 * 60 * 60
if seconds < 0:
seconds = 0
now = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
cache_ctrl.setdefault('max-age', seconds)
# Preserve an existing cache-control header:
existing = response.headers.get('cache-control')
if existing:
for e in [e.strip() for e in existing.split(',')]:
kv = e.split('=')
if len(kv) == 2:
cache_ctrl.setdefault(kv[0], kv[1])
# Render the cache-control header:
cache_control_header = []
for key, value in sorted(cache_ctrl.items()):
if value is None:
cache_control_header.append('{0}={1}'.format(key, value))
cache_control_header = ','.join(cache_control_header)
response.headers['cache-control'] = cache_control_header
response.headers['expires'] = (now + delta).strftime(
"%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT")
# This is our mapping of caching policies (X-Caching-Policy) to
# functions that set the response headers accordingly:
caching_policies = {
'Cache HTML':
lambda response: set_max_age(response, datetime.timedelta(days=-1),
cache_ctrl={'s-maxage': '3600'}),
'Cache Media Content':
lambda response: set_max_age(response, datetime.timedelta(hours=4)),
'Cache Resource':
lambda response: set_max_age(response, datetime.timedelta(days=32),
cache_ctrl={'public': None}),
'No Cache':
lambda response: set_max_age(response, datetime.timedelta(days=-1)),
def _safe_get_user(request):
return get_user(request)
except DetachedInstanceError: # XXX need to understand what's happening
return not None
def default_caching_policy_chooser(context, request, response):
if request.method != 'GET' or response.status_int != 200:
return None
elif isinstance(response, FileResponse):
return 'Cache Resource'
elif _safe_get_user(request) is not None:
return 'No Cache'
elif response.headers['content-type'].startswith('text/html'):
return 'Cache HTML'
return 'Cache Media Content'
def caching_policy_chooser(context, request, response):
return get_settings()['kotti.caching_policy_chooser'][0](
context, request, response)
def set_cache_headers(event):
request, response = event.request, event.response
# this can happen if a Pyramid tween will shortcut the normal tween
# chain processing and return its own response early
if not hasattr(event.request, 'context'):
context = event.request.context
# If no caching policy was previously set (by setting the
# CACHE_POLICY_HEADER header), we'll choose one at this point:
caching_policy = response.headers.get(CACHE_POLICY_HEADER)
if caching_policy is None:
# noinspection PyBroadException
caching_policy = caching_policy_chooser(context, request, response)
# We don't want to screw up the response if the
# caching_policy_chooser raises an exception.
logger.exception("{0} raised an exception.".format(
if caching_policy is not None:
response.headers[CACHE_POLICY_HEADER] = caching_policy
# And here we'll set the headers for the caching policy:
if caching_policy:
def includeme(config):
""" Pyramid includeme hook.
:param config: app config
:type config: :class:`pyramid.config.Configurator`