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Bad Kotti Browser pop-up trying to insert an image or link while creating a news item #2

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When editing a news item for the first time (creating it), if I try to insert an image or a link and click on the browsing button, I get a pop-up with the title "Kotti Browser", but instead of the actual Kotti Browser that pop-up contains a form for creating yet another news item.

The Kotti Browser pop-up shows up nicely again when editing a previously created news item.

The same happens in the case of kotti_calendar events, so I'm not sure if this is a problem with these content types or some bug in Kotti itself.

[tested in a Debian Wheezy machine, within a virtualenv with Kotti 0.9.2, kotti_calendar 0.7, kotti_media 0.5.1, kotti_navigation 0.4a2, kotti_newsitem 0.2]

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Yes, I guess this is indeed the same as Kotti/kotti_tinymce#19. Will try to find some time to look into.

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