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A project for Github's Game Off 2013

About the game

How much would you harm the planet in order to survive?

CH₃CH₂CH₂CH₂CH₃anges is a simple platformer game where your main aim is to reach the end of each level. To help you accomplish your goal, you can control several of the effects of our very real climate changes. Raise the water level or melt glaciers to achieve your objective.

But of course, messing with the planet is bad, isn't it? How far can you get without destroying our precious home?


About us

We are @_joliv and @kotzzi. We've been toying for a long time with the idea of creating a game, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity/excuse to actually start one and have a deadline pushing us forward. So here it is, our very first game!

About the amazing resources behind the game

Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without a community unknowingly backing us up:

  • melonJS: The engine behind the game. Special thanks to the team that has helped us a lot in the forums!
  • Tiled to create the levels.
  • RequireJS and Underscore, supporting libraries.

As for the art:

  • The log, by Zabin, Daneeklu, Jetrel, Hyptosis, Redshrike, Bertram!