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Crowdtap dotfile config

Why a common dotfile config?

  • To be on the same page
  • Unleash TMUX and VIM productivity power


What's inside?

  • A solid VIM config
  • A solid TMUX config
  • Extra dotfiles (ackrc, irbrc, gemrc)

See below for further details


  1. clone this repository
  2. cd into the repository
  3. specify the dotfiles you want to use in the MANIFEST file (by default everything is installed)
  4. run git submodule init
  5. run git submodule update
  6. run make install

TMUX config

iTerm Users: You need to set Option / Alt keys as a meta key in your terminal application.

  • iTerm:
    Preferences > Profiles > Default > Keys > Left option key acts as + Esc Preferences > Profiles > Default > Keys > Right option key acts as + Esc

Key Bindings

Alt + E Prefix (you probably won't need it)

The following key bindings do not require you to send the prefix keystroke:

Alt + | Split vertically
Alt + - Split horizontally

Alt + H Go to the left pane
Alt + J Go to the bottom pane
Alt + K Go to the top pane
Alt + L Go to the right pane

Alt + Arrow Resize pane

Alt + PageUp Copy mode and page up
Alt + U Copy mode Alt + I Paste

Alt + 8 Choose a session to attach
Alt + 9 Cycle left through sessions
Alt + 0 Cycle right through sessions

Alt + D Detach

VIM config


plugins - under the hood


Please put your custom setting in a .custom.vim file at the root of the dotfile directory

Cheat sheet

ctrl + p

  • Press <F6> to purge the cache for the current directory to get new files, remove deleted files and apply new ignore options.
  • Press <c-f> and <c-b> to cycle between modes.
  • Press <c-d> to switch to filename only search instead of full path.
  • Press <c-r> to switch to regexp mode.
  • Use <c-n>, <c-p> to select the next/previous string in the prompt's history.
  • Use <c-y> to create a new file and its parent directories.
  • Use <c-z> to mark/unmark multiple files and <c-o> to open them.

If you need more information, please use :help ctrlp within vim


These are really good videos showcasing Fugitive functionalities


I would like to thank these guys, this config was largely inspired by their work: