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A data set for Taboo games
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A data set for Taboo games. Plain JSON files that contain parsable cards that contain the keyword and some buzzwords like on the original Taboo game.


You can use the data set by downloading it or as an NPM package by running the following command

npm install taboo-data


All lists contain entries that are parsable strings that are formatted like this:

  • The key word comes first and ends with the vertical stoke (|).
  • Buzzwords come after the vertical stoke and are delimited by colons (:).
  • Buzzwords can contain any characters except | and :.
  • Some keywords may also have no buzzwords and thus have no |.
Main Word|Buzzword 1:Buzzword, with sp3c!al char$ 2:Buzzword 3



var card = {};

var split = wordString.split('|');
card.word = split[0];

if (typeof split[1] !== 'undefined') {
    card.buzzwords = split[1].split(':');
} else {
    card.buzzwords = [];


Found a bug or typo? Have a feature request?

Please open a new issue and explain what's wrong or what needs to be improved.


To contribute words, just add them to the appropriate category with the following scheme:

Main Word|Buzzword 1:Buzzword, with sp3c!al char$ 2:Buzzword 3

Please notice that words cannot contain any of the following characters:

Vertical stoke      |
Double points       :
Quotation marks     "
Backslashes         \

Taboo Data is a project by Kovah | Contributors

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