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A lightweight web framework

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 Dyko - A Lightweight Web Framework

Dyko is a lightweight web framework with original features:

- Support for **multiple storage mechanisms** (databases, filesystems, and
  more) with an **unified data access interface**, giving the possibility to
  use **flexible and evolutive data models**;
- Support for **multiple template engines** (Genshi, Jinja, Mako, and more).

Theses specificities make Dyko particularly suitable for creating:

- Small and simple websites with no database;
- Content management systems with heterogeneous storage engines;
- Web applications with chronic data model evolutions;
- Web applications accessing static data models defined by other applications.

Dyko should run on most of the UNIX-like platforms (Linux, BSD, MacOS X) and
Windows. It is free and open-source software, written in Python, released under
GPL version 3.

For further information, please visit the `Dyko Website
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