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A Git foreign data wrapper
from . import ForeignDataWrapper
import brigit
class GitFdw(ForeignDataWrapper):
"""A Git foreign data wrapper.
The git foreign data wrapper accepts the following options:
path -- the absolute path to the git repo. It must be readable by
the user running postgresql (usually, postgres).
encoding -- the file encoding. Defaults to "utf-8".
def __init__(self, fdw_options, fdw_columns):
super(GitFdw, self).__init__(fdw_options, fdw_columns)
self.path = fdw_options["path"]
self.encoding = fdw_options.get("encoding", "utf-8")
def execute(self, quals, columns):
def enc(unicode_str):
"""Encode the string in the self given encoding."""
return unicode_str.encode(self.encoding)
for log in brigit.Git(self.path).pretty_log():
yield {
'author_name': enc(log["author"]['name']),
'author_email': enc(log["author"]['email']),
'message': enc(log['message']),
'hash': enc(log['hash']),
'date': log['datetime'].isoformat()