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A foreign data wrapper for performing google searches.
from . import ForeignDataWrapper
import json
import urllib
def google(search):
"""Retrieves results from google using the json api"""
query = urllib.urlencode({'q': search})
url = (''
'services/search/web?v=1.0&%s' % query)
response = urllib.urlopen(url)
results =
results = json.loads(results)
data = results['responseData']
hits = data['results']
for hit in hits:
yield {'url': hit['url'].encode("utf-8"),
'title': hit["titleNoFormatting"].encode("utf-8"),
'search': search.encode("utf-8")}
class GoogleFdw(ForeignDataWrapper):
"""A Google search foreign data wrapper.
Parses the quals to find anything ressembling a search criteria, and
returns the google search result for it.
Available columns are: url, title, search.
def execute(self, quals, columns):
if not quals:
return ("No search specified",)
for qual in quals:
if qual.field_name == "search" or qual.operator == "=":
return google(qual.value)