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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of Radicale Server - Calendar Server
# Copyright © 2008-2012 Guillaume Ayoub
# Copyright © 2008 Nicolas Kandel
# Copyright © 2008 Pascal Halter
# This library is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with Radicale. If not, see <>.
Radicale collection classes.
Define the main classes of a collection as seen from the server.
import os
import posixpath
import uuid
from contextlib import contextmanager
def serialize(tag, headers=(), items=()):
"""Return a text corresponding to given collection ``tag``.
The text may have the given ``headers`` and ``items`` added around the
items if needed (ie. for calendars).
if tag == "VADDRESSBOOK":
lines = [item.text for item in items]
lines = ["BEGIN:%s" % tag]
for part in (headers, items):
if part:
lines.append("\n".join(item.text for item in part))
lines.append("END:%s\n" % tag)
return "\n".join(lines)
def unfold(text):
"""Unfold multi-lines attributes.
Read rfc5545-3.1 for info.
lines = []
for line in text.splitlines():
if lines and (line.startswith(" ") or line.startswith("\t")):
lines[-1] += line[1:]
return lines
class Item(object):
"""Internal iCal item."""
def __init__(self, text, name=None):
"""Initialize object from ``text`` and different ``kwargs``."""
self.text = text
self._name = name
# We must synchronize the name in the text and in the object.
# An item must have a name, determined in order by:
# - the ``name`` parameter
# - the ``X-RADICALE-NAME`` iCal property (for Events, Todos, Journals)
# - the ``UID`` iCal property (for Events, Todos, Journals)
# - the ``TZID`` iCal property (for Timezones)
if not self._name:
for line in unfold(self.text):
if line.startswith("X-RADICALE-NAME:"):
self._name = line.replace("X-RADICALE-NAME:", "").strip()
elif line.startswith("TZID:"):
self._name = line.replace("TZID:", "").strip()
elif line.startswith("UID:"):
self._name = line.replace("UID:", "").strip()
# Do not break, a ``X-RADICALE-NAME`` can appear next
if self._name:
# Remove brackets that may have been put by Outlook
self._name = self._name.strip("{}")
if "\nX-RADICALE-NAME:" in text:
for line in unfold(self.text):
if line.startswith("X-RADICALE-NAME:"):
self.text = self.text.replace(
line, "X-RADICALE-NAME:%s" % self._name)
self.text = self.text.replace(
"\nEND:", "\nX-RADICALE-NAME:%s\nEND:" % self._name)
self._name = str(uuid.uuid4())
self.text = self.text.replace(
"\nEND:", "\nX-RADICALE-NAME:%s\nEND:" % self._name)
def etag(self):
"""Item etag.
Etag is mainly used to know if an item has changed.
return '"%s"' % hash(self.text)
def name(self):
"""Item name.
Name is mainly used to give an URL to the item.
return self._name
class Header(Item):
"""Internal header class."""
class Timezone(Item):
"""Internal timezone class."""
class Component(Item):
"""Internal main component of a collection."""
class Event(Component):
"""Internal event class."""
tag = "VEVENT"
mimetype = "text/calendar"
class Todo(Component):
"""Internal todo class."""
tag = "VTODO" # pylint: disable=W0511
mimetype = "text/calendar"
class Journal(Component):
"""Internal journal class."""
tag = "VJOURNAL"
mimetype = "text/calendar"
class Card(Component):
"""Internal card class."""
tag = "VCARD"
mimetype = "text/vcard"
class Collection(object):
"""Internal collection item.
This class must be overridden and replaced by a storage backend.
def __init__(self, path, principal=False):
"""Initialize the collection.
``path`` must be the normalized relative path of the collection, using
the slash as the folder delimiter, with no leading nor trailing slash.
self.encoding = "utf-8"
split_path = path.split("/")
self.path = path if path != "." else ""
if principal and split_path and self.is_node(self.path):
# Already existing principal collection
self.owner = split_path[0]
elif len(split_path) > 1:
# URL with at least one folder
self.owner = split_path[0]
self.owner = None
self.is_principal = principal
def from_path(cls, path, depth="1", include_container=True):
"""Return a list of collections and items under the given ``path``.
If ``depth`` is "0", only the actual object under ``path`` is
If ``depth`` is anything but "0", it is considered as "1" and direct
children are included in the result. If ``include_container`` is
``True`` (the default), the containing object is included in the
The ``path`` is relative.
# First do normpath and then strip, to prevent access to FOLDER/../
sane_path = posixpath.normpath(path.replace(os.sep, "/")).strip("/")
attributes = sane_path.split("/")
if not attributes:
return None
if not (cls.is_leaf("/".join(attributes)) or path.endswith("/")):
result = []
path = "/".join(attributes)
principal = len(attributes) <= 1
if cls.is_node(path):
if depth == "0":
result.append(cls(path, principal))
if include_container:
result.append(cls(path, principal))
for child in cls.children(path):
if depth == "0":
collection = cls(path, principal)
if include_container:
return result
def save(self, text):
"""Save the text into the collection."""
raise NotImplementedError
def delete(self):
"""Delete the collection."""
raise NotImplementedError
def text(self):
"""Collection as plain text."""
raise NotImplementedError
def children(cls, path):
"""Yield the children of the collection at local ``path``."""
raise NotImplementedError
def is_node(cls, path):
"""Return ``True`` if relative ``path`` is a node.
A node is a WebDAV collection whose members are other collections.
raise NotImplementedError
def is_leaf(cls, path):
"""Return ``True`` if relative ``path`` is a leaf.
A leaf is a WebDAV collection whose members are not collections.
raise NotImplementedError
def last_modified(self):
"""Get the last time the collection has been modified.
The date is formatted according to rfc1123-5.2.14.
raise NotImplementedError
def props(self):
"""Get the collection properties."""
raise NotImplementedError
def exists(self):
"""``True`` if the collection exists on the storage, else ``False``."""
return self.is_node(self.path) or self.is_leaf(self.path)
def _parse(text, item_types, name=None):
"""Find items with type in ``item_types`` in ``text``.
If ``name`` is given, give this name to new items in ``text``.
Return a list of items.
item_tags = {}
for item_type in item_types:
item_tags[item_type.tag] = item_type
items = {}
lines = unfold(text)
in_item = False
for line in lines:
if line.startswith("BEGIN:") and not in_item:
item_tag = line.replace("BEGIN:", "").strip()
if item_tag in item_tags:
in_item = True
item_lines = []
if in_item:
if line.startswith("END:%s" % item_tag):
in_item = False
item_type = item_tags[item_tag]
item_text = "\n".join(item_lines)
item_name = None if item_tag == "VTIMEZONE" else name
item = item_type(item_text, item_name)
if in items:
text = "\n".join((item.text, items[].text))
items[] = item_type(text,
items[] = item
return list(items.values())
def get_item(self, name):
"""Get collection item called ``name``."""
for item in self.items:
if == name:
return item
def append(self, name, text):
"""Append items from ``text`` to collection.
If ``name`` is given, give this name to new items in ``text``.
items = self.items
for new_item in self._parse(
text, (Timezone, Event, Todo, Journal, Card), name):
if not in ( for item in items):
def remove(self, name):
"""Remove object named ``name`` from collection."""
components = [
component for component in self.components
if != name]
items = self.timezones + components
def replace(self, name, text):
"""Replace content by ``text`` in collection objet called ``name``."""
self.append(name, text)
def write(self, headers=None, items=None):
"""Write collection with given parameters."""
headers = headers or self.headers or (
Header("PRODID:-//Radicale//NONSGML Radicale Server//EN"),
Header("VERSION:%s" % self.version))
items = items if items is not None else self.items
text = serialize(self.tag, headers, items)
def set_mimetype(self, mimetype):
"""Set the mimetype of the collection."""
with self.props as props:
if "tag" not in props:
if mimetype == "text/vcard":
props["tag"] = "VADDRESSBOOK"
props["tag"] = "VCALENDAR"
def tag(self):
"""Type of the collection."""
with self.props as props:
if "tag" not in props:
tag = open(self.path).readlines()[0][6:].rstrip()
except IOError:
if self.path.endswith(".vcf"):
props["tag"] = "VADDRESSBOOK"
props["tag"] = "VCALENDAR"
if tag in ("VADDRESSBOOK", "VCARD"):
props["tag"] = "VADDRESSBOOK"
props["tag"] = "VCALENDAR"
return props["tag"]
def mimetype(self):
"""Mimetype of the collection."""
if self.tag == "VADDRESSBOOK":
return "text/vcard"
elif self.tag == "VCALENDAR":
return "text/calendar"
def resource_type(self):
"""Resource type of the collection."""
if self.tag == "VADDRESSBOOK":
return "addressbook"
elif self.tag == "VCALENDAR":
return "calendar"
def etag(self):
"""Etag from collection."""
return '"%s"' % hash(self.text)
def name(self):
"""Collection name."""
with self.props as props:
return props.get("D:displayname", self.path.split(os.path.sep)[-1])
def headers(self):
"""Find headers items in collection."""
header_lines = []
lines = unfold(self.text)
for header in ("PRODID", "VERSION"):
for line in lines:
if line.startswith("%s:" % header):
return header_lines
def items(self):
"""Get list of all items in collection."""
return self._parse(self.text, (Event, Todo, Journal, Card, Timezone))
def components(self):
"""Get list of all components in collection."""
return self._parse(self.text, (Event, Todo, Journal, Card))
def events(self):
"""Get list of ``Event`` items in calendar."""
return self._parse(self.text, (Event,))
def todos(self):
"""Get list of ``Todo`` items in calendar."""
return self._parse(self.text, (Todo,))
def journals(self):
"""Get list of ``Journal`` items in calendar."""
return self._parse(self.text, (Journal,))
def timezones(self):
"""Get list of ``Timezome`` items in calendar."""
return self._parse(self.text, (Timezone,))
def cards(self):
"""Get list of ``Card`` items in address book."""
return self._parse(self.text, (Card,))
def owner_url(self):
"""Get the collection URL according to its owner."""
if self.owner:
return "/%s/" % self.owner
return None
def url(self):
"""Get the standard collection URL."""
return "/%s/" % self.path
def version(self):
"""Get the version of the collection type."""
return "3.0" if self.tag == "VADDRESSBOOK" else "2.0"
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