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2.1.10 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Update required versions for dependencies
  • Get RADICALE_CONFIG from WSGI environ
  • Improve HTTP status codes
  • Fix race condition in storage lock creation
  • Raise default limits for content length and timeout
  • Log output from hook

2.1.9 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Specify versions for dependencies
  • Move WSGI initialization into module
  • Check if REPORT method is actually supported
  • Include rights file in source distribution
  • Specify md5 and bcrypt as extras
  • Improve logging messages
  • Windows: Fix crash when item path is a directory

2.1.8 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Flush files before fsync'ing

2.1.7 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Don't print warning when cache format changes
  • Add documentation for BaseAuth
  • Add is_authenticated2(login, user, password) to BaseAuth
  • Fix names of custom properties in PROPFIND requests with D:propname or D:allprop
  • Return all properties in PROPFIND requests with D:propname or D:allprop
  • Allow D:displayname property on all collections
  • Answer with D:unauthenticated for D:current-user-principal property when not logged in
  • Remove non-existing ICAL:calendar-color and C:calendar-timezone properties from PROPFIND requests with D:propname or D:allprop
  • Add D:owner property to calendar and address book objects
  • Remove D:getetag and D:getlastmodified properties from regular collections

2.1.6 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Fix content-type of VLIST
  • Specify correct COMPONENT in content-type of VCALENDAR
  • Cache COMPONENT of calendar objects (improves speed with some clients)
  • Stricter parsing of filters
  • Improve support for CardDAV filter
  • Fix some smaller bugs in CalDAV filter
  • Add X-WR-CALNAME and X-WR-CALDESC to calendars downloaded via HTTP/WebDAV
  • Use X-WR-CALNAME and X-WR-CALDESC from calendars published via WebDAV

2.1.5 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Add --verify-storage command-line argument
  • Allow comments in the htpasswd file
  • Don't strip whitespaces from user names and passwords in the htpasswd file
  • Remove cookies from logging output
  • Allow uploads of whole collections with many components
  • Show warning message if server.timeout is used with Python < 3.5.2

2.1.4 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Fix incorrect time range matching and calculation for some edge-cases with rescheduled recurrences
  • Fix owner property

2.1.3 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Enable timeout for SSL handshakes and move them out of the main thread
  • Create cache entries during upload of items
  • Stop built-in server on Windows when Ctrl+C is pressed
  • Prevent slow down when multiple requests hit a collection during cache warm-up

2.1.2 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Remove workarounds for bugs in VObject < 0.9.5
  • Error checking of collection tags and associated components
  • Improve error checking of uploaded collections and components
  • Don't delete empty collection properties implicitly
  • Improve logging of VObject serialization

2.1.1 - Wild Radish Again

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Add missing UIDs instead of failing
  • Improve error checking of calendar and address book objects
  • Fix upload of whole address books

2.1.0 - Wild Radish

This release is compatible with version 2.0.0.

  • Built-in web interface for creating and managing address books and calendars
    • can be extended with web plugins
  • Much faster storage backend
  • Significant reduction in memory usage
  • Improved logging
    • Include paths (of invalid items / requests) in log messages
    • Include configuration values causing problems in log messages
    • Log warning message for invalid requests by clients
    • Log error message for invalid files in the storage backend
    • No stack traces unless debugging is enabled
  • Time range filter also regards overwritten recurrences
  • Items that couldn't be filtered because of bugs in VObject are always returned (and a warning message is logged)
  • Basic error checking of configuration files
  • File system locking isn't disabled implicitly anymore, instead a new configuration option gets introduced
  • The permissions of the lock file are not changed anymore
  • Support for sync-token
  • Support for client-side SSL certificates
  • Rights plugins can decide if access to an item is granted explicitly
    • Respond with 403 instead of 404 for principal collections of non-existing users when owner_only plugin is used (information leakage)
  • Authentication plugins can provide the login and password from the environment
    • new remote_user plugin, that gets the login from the REMOTE_USER environment variable (for WSGI server)
    • new http_x_remote_user plugin, that gets the login from the X-Remote-User HTTP header (for reverse proxies)

2.0.0 - Little Big Radish

This feature is not compatible with the 1.x.x versions. See if you want to switch from 1.x.x to 2.0.0.

  • Support Python 3.3+ only, Python 2 is not supported anymore
  • Keep only one simple filesystem-based storage system
  • Remove built-in Git support
  • Remove built-in authentication modules
  • Keep the WSGI interface, use Python HTTP server by default
  • Use a real iCal parser, rely on the "vobject" external module
  • Add a solid calendar discovery
  • Respect the difference between "files" and "folders", don't rely on slashes
  • Remove the calendar creation with GET requests
  • Be stateless
  • Use a file locker
  • Add threading
  • Get atomic writes
  • Support new filters
  • Support read-only permissions
  • Allow External plugins for authentication, rights management, storage and version control

1.1.4 - Fifth Law of Nature

  • Use shutil.move for --export-storage

1.1.3 - Fourth Law of Nature

  • Add a --export-storage=FOLDER command-line argument (by Unrud, see #606)

1.1.2 - Third Law of Nature

  • Security fix: Add a random timer to avoid timing oracles and simple bruteforce attacks when using the htpasswd authentication method.
  • Various minor fixes.

1.1.1 - Second Law of Nature

  • Fix the owner_write rights rule

1.1 - Law of Nature

One feature in this release is not backward compatible:

  • Use the first matching section for rights (inspired from daald)

Now, the first section matching the path and current user in your custom rights file is used. In the previous versions, the most permissive rights of all the matching sections were applied. This new behaviour gives a simple way to make specific rules at the top of the file independant from the generic ones.

Many improvements in this release are related to security, you should upgrade Radicale as soon as possible:

  • Improve the regex used for well-known URIs (by Unrud)
  • Prevent regex injection in rights management (by Unrud)
  • Prevent crafted HTTP request from calling arbitrary functions (by Unrud)
  • Improve URI sanitation and conversion to filesystem path (by Unrud)
  • Decouple the daemon from its parent environment (by Unrud)

Some bugs have been fixed and little enhancements have been added:

  • Assign new items to corret key (by Unrud)
  • Avoid race condition in PID file creation (by Unrud)
  • Improve the docker version (by cdpb)
  • Encode message and commiter for git commits
  • Test with Python 3.5

1.0.1 - Sunflower Again

  • Update the version because of a stupid "feature"™ of PyPI

1.0 - Sunflower

  • Enhanced performances (by Mathieu Dupuy)
  • Add MD5-APR1 and BCRYPT for htpasswd-based authentication (by Jan-Philip Gehrcke)
  • Use PAM service (by Stephen Paul Weber)
  • Don't discard PROPPATCH on empty collections (by Markus Unterwaditzer)
  • Write the path of the collection in the git message (by Matthew Monaco)
  • Tests launched on Travis

0.10 - Lovely Endless Grass

  • Support well-known URLs (by Mathieu Dupuy)
  • Fix collection discovery (by Markus Unterwaditzer)
  • Reload logger config on SIGHUP (by Élie Bouttier)
  • Remove props files when deleting a collection (by Vincent Untz)
  • Support salted SHA1 passwords (by Marc Kleine-Budde)
  • Don't spam the logs about non-SSL IMAP connections to localhost (by Giel van Schijndel)

0.9 - Rivers

  • Custom handlers for auth, storage and rights (by Sergey Fursov)
  • 1-file-per-event storage (by Jean-Marc Martins)
  • Git support for filesystem storages (by Jean-Marc Martins)
  • DB storage working with PostgreSQL, MariaDB and SQLite (by Jean-Marc Martins)
  • Clean rights manager based on regular expressions (by Sweil)
  • Support of contacts for Apple's clients
  • Support colors (by Jochen Sprickerhof)
  • Decode URLs in XML (by Jean-Marc Martins)
  • Fix PAM authentication (by Stepan Henek)
  • Use consistent etags (by 9m66p93w)
  • Use consistent sorting order (by Daniel Danner)
  • Return 401 on unauthorized DELETE requests (by Eduard Braun)
  • Move pid file creation in child process (by Mathieu Dupuy)
  • Allow requests without base_prefix (by jheidemann)

0.8 - Rainbow

  • New authentication and rights management modules (by Matthias Jordan)
  • Experimental database storage
  • Command-line option for custom configuration file (by Mark Adams)
  • Root URL not at the root of a domain (by Clint Adams, Fabrice Bellet, Vincent Untz)
  • Improved support for iCal, CalDAVSync, CardDAVSync, CalDavZAP and CardDavMATE
  • Empty PROPFIND requests handled (by Christoph Polcin)
  • Colon allowed in passwords
  • Configurable realm message

0.7.1 - Waterfalls

  • Many address books fixes
  • New IMAP ACL (by Daniel Aleksandersen)
  • PAM ACL fixed (by Daniel Aleksandersen)
  • Courier ACL fixed (by Benjamin Frank)
  • Always set display name to collections (by Oskari Timperi)
  • Various DELETE responses fixed

0.7 - Eternal Sunshine

  • Repeating events
  • Collection deletion
  • Courier and PAM authentication methods
  • CardDAV support
  • Custom LDAP filters supported

0.6.4 - Tulips

  • Fix the installation with Python 3.1

0.6.3 - Red Roses

  • MOVE requests fixed
  • Faster REPORT answers
  • Executable script moved into the package

0.6.2 - Seeds

  • iPhone and iPad support fixed
  • Backslashes replaced by slashes in PROPFIND answers on Windows
  • PyPI archive set as default download URL

0.6.1 - Growing Up

  • Example files included in the tarball
  • htpasswd support fixed
  • Redirection loop bug fixed
  • Testing message on GET requests

0.6 - Sapling

  • WSGI support
  • IPv6 support
  • Smart, verbose and configurable logs
  • Apple iCal 4 and iPhone support (by Łukasz Langa)
  • KDE KOrganizer support
  • LDAP auth backend (by Corentin Le Bail)
  • Public and private calendars (by René Neumann)
  • PID file
  • MOVE requests management
  • Journal entries support
  • Drop Python 2.5 support

0.5 - Historical Artifacts

  • Calendar depth
  • MacOS and Windows support
  • HEAD requests management
  • htpasswd user from calendar path

0.4 - Hot Days Back

  • Personal calendars
  • Last-Modified HTTP header
  • no-ssl and foreground options
  • Default configuration file

0.3 - Dancing Flowers

  • Evolution support
  • Version management

0.2 - Snowflakes

  • Sunbird pre-1.0 support
  • SSL connection
  • Htpasswd authentication
  • Daemon mode
  • User configuration
  • Twisted dependency removed
  • Python 3 support
  • Real URLs for PUT and DELETE
  • Concurrent modification reported to users
  • Many bugs fixed (by Roger Wenham)

0.1 - Crazy Vegetables

  • First release
  • Lightning/Sunbird 0.9 compatibility
  • Easy installer