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Add CSS sample for forms

Related to #328.
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pdf = pdf_file.fileobj.getvalue()
open('/tmp/weasyprint.pdf', 'wb').write(pdf)
Display forms

Why this snippet?

Contrary to many browsers, WeasyPrint doesn't render form inputs using a custom
toolkit. As there's no dedicated stylesheet for them, they're often not
rendered at all.

Forms could also be rendered in generated PDF files, but it's not supported yet
(see issue `#61 <>`_).

The easiest way to render inputs is to use a dedicated stylesheet.

How to use this snippet?

Adapt and include the sample into your document stylesheets.

Show me the code!

.. code-block:: python
input, textarea {
background: #eee;
border: 0.01em solid;
display: block;
margin: 0.2em 0;
[disabled] {
opacity: 0.3;
input[type=text] {
height: 1.2em;
width: 20em;
input[type=text]::before {
content: attr(value);
padding: 0.2em;
input[type=radio], input[type=checkbox] {
box-sizing: border-box;
background-clip: content-box;
height: 1em;
padding: 0.1em;
width: 1em;
input[checked] {
background-color: red;
input[type=radio] {
border-radius: 100%;
textarea {
font-family: monospace;
padding: 0.5em;
width: 20em;

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