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+WeasyPrint 0.12: border-collapse and Flask-WeasyPrint
+WeasyPrint 0.12 is out.
+This release adds support for the collapsing border model of tables, through
+the ``border-collapse`` property. Previously, table borders were always
+separated. This new model is incompatible with table headers and footers:
+with ``border-collapse: collapse``, ``<thead>`` and ``<tfoot>`` elements
+are treated like normal ``<tbody>`` groups and are not repeated on each page.
+On an unrelated note, 0.12 also adds the `URL fetcher </using/#url-fetchers>`
+hook to the public API. It allows to control or override how WeasyPrint
+accesses HTTP or other URLs for HTML documents, CSS stylesheets, and images.
+`Flask-WeasyPrint <>`_ is
+a new extension that makes use of an URL fetcher to integrate WeasyPrint
+in a Flask application.

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