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Revert "Add link to PyPM package"

This reverts commit 4a600f3.

I prefer not to have this link until we’re very confident that the
package actually works. The hard part in packaging WeasyPrint is with
pycairo, PyGObject 3, and Pango with introspection; not the Python
stuff. PyPM does not list non-Python dependencies and does not seem to
have packages for them.
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1 parent 8e793c5 commit d51548b75d3490ac89185531d012c6f0b2d6ffd8 @SimonSapin SimonSapin committed Jul 6, 2012
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@@ -23,14 +23,11 @@ WeasyPrint has been packaged for some Linux distributions:
as ``weasyprint2``).
* Gentoo: in the `Kozea overlay`_
-WeasyPrint is also packaged for `PyPM`_.
(Please do `tell us`_ if you make such a package!)
.. _python-weasyprint:
.. _python2-weasyprint:
.. _Kozea overlay:
-.. _PyPM:
.. _tell us: /community/

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