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string-set attr(alt) fails if image is displayed [43rc1 regression] #722

Smylers opened this Issue Oct 31, 2018 · 4 comments


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Smylers commented Oct 31, 2018

Using string-set foo attr(alt) to set the string to an image's alt attribute no longer works in WeasyPrint 43rc1, when the image is displayed.

This is a regression; it works fine in version 0.39 (sorry, I haven't checked versions between those).


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>string-set Check</title>
h1 img { -weasy-string-set: left  attr(alt) }
h2 img { -weasy-string-set: right attr(alt) }
@page { @top-left  { content: '[' string(left)  ']' }
        @top-right { content: '{' string(right) '}' } }

<h1><img src=valid_image.png  alt=Chocolate></h1>
<h2><img src=no_such_file.png alt=Cake></h2>

Make valid_image.png exist (and ensure that no_such_file.png doesn't).

  • In 0.39, the left header says ‘[Chocolate]’ and the top right says ‘{Cake}’, as intended.
  • In 43rc1, the top left is just ‘[]’, but the top right is still ‘{Cake}’.

So when the alt text is needed for display in the document, it's still there for attr(alt) to find it. But in the (presumably more common) case where the image is actually available and alt isn't required for the document, its content no longer appears in attr(alt) either.


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liZe commented Oct 31, 2018

The regression is in 0.40.


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liZe commented Nov 2, 2018

The regression is in 344cb08, it may be complicated 😢.


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Tontyna commented Nov 2, 2018

The ugly missing_link property comes to mind -- introduced to hold a reference to the original box for the target-* functionality -- suggestion was to make it an official property of any box -- maybe in Box.copy() -- just an idea...

@liZe liZe closed this in f5dae8a Nov 2, 2018


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liZe commented Nov 2, 2018

Bookmarks were broken too.

The ugly missing_link property comes to mind

That was string_set, but the idea of having a list of "official" properties is a good idea.

netbsd-srcmastr pushed a commit to NetBSD/pkgsrc that referenced this issue Nov 14, 2018

py-weasyprint: Update to 43.
Version 43

Released on 2018-11-09.

Bug fixes:

* `#726 <>`_:
  Make empty strings clear previous values of named strings
* `#729 <>`_:
  Include tools in packaging

This version also includes the changes from unstable rc1 and rc2 versions
listed below.

Version 43rc2

Released on 2018-11-02.

**This version is experimental, don't use it in production. If you find bugs,
please report them!**

Bug fixes:

* `#706 <>`_:
  Fix text-indent at the beginning of a page
* `#687 <>`_:
  Allow query strings in file:// URIs
* `#720 <>`_:
  Optimize minimum size calculation of long inline elements
* `#717 <>`_:
  Display <details> tags as blocks
* `#691 <>`_:
  Don't recalculate max content widths when distributing extra space for tables
* `#722 <>`_:
  Fix bookmarks and strings set on images
* `#723 <>`_:
  Warn users when string() is not used in page margin

Version 43rc1

Released on 2018-10-15.

**This version is experimental, don't use it in production. If you find bugs,
please report them!**


* Python 3.4+ is now needed, Python 2.x is not supported anymore
* Cairo 1.15.4+ is now needed, but 1.10+ should work with missing features
  (such as links, outlines and metadata)
* Pdfrw is not needed anymore

New features:

* `Beautiful website <>`_
* `#579 <>`_:
  Initial support of flexbox
* `#592 <>`_:
  Support @font-face on Windows
* `#306 <>`_:
  Add a timeout parameter to the URL fetcher functions
* `#594 <>`_:
  Split tests using modern pytest features
* `#599 <>`_:
  Make tests pass on Windows
* `#604 <>`_:
  Handle target counters and target texts
* `#631 <>`_:
  Enable counter-increment and counter-reset in page context
* `#622 <>`_:
  Allow pathlib.Path objects for HTML, CSS and Attachment classes
* `#674 <>`_:
  Add extensive installation instructions for Windows

Bug fixes:

* `#558 <>`_:
  Fix attachments
* `#565 <>`_,
  `#596 <>`_,
  `#539 <>`_:
  Fix many PDF rendering, printing and compatibility problems
* `#614 <>`_:
  Avoid crashes and endless loops caused by a Pango bug
* `#662 <>`_:
  Fix warnings and errors when generating documentation
* `#666 <>`_,
  `#685 <>`_:
  Fix many table layout rendering problems
* `#680 <>`_:
  Don't crash when there's no font available
* `#662 <>`_:
  Fix support of some align values in tables
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