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Author: Kozea
Date: 2012-01-27

Pystil is an elegant site web traffic analyzer written in python and coffeescript



At the time, you can only download Pystil via git. To do so, you should first install git and then:

git clone


The server side of Pystil is written in Python. It needs some libraries :

  • flask (>=0.8)
  • flask-sqlalchemy
  • CSStyle
  • pika
  • gevent
  • pygeoip
  • log_colorizer
  • psycopg2

It also need a working PostgreSQL server (with hstore extension) and a RabbitMQ server.


You should install the different libraries with easy_install. As root, type:

easy_install flask flask-sqlalchemy pika gevent pygeoip CSStyle psycopg2


In order to install gevent, you should first install some tools like gcc and some development files like libevent and python headers.


In order to install psycopg2, you should first install libraries like postgresql-server development files.

To install log_colorizer, as root, from the pystil dir, do:

pip install -r requirements.txt



You should install postgresql version 9.1 and its hstore extension.

In Ubuntu 11.10, type:

sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib


Just install RabbitMQ server.

In Ubuntu 11.10, type:

sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server


PostgreSQL schema

First of all, you should log in postgresql with a super user. Then, import file sql/pystil.sql:

\i sql/pystil.sql

By default, it create a pystil user whose password is "pystil". If you want to change it to "your_new_password", just enter:

ALTER ROLE pystil PASSWORD 'your_new_password';

Pystil configuration

Copy the file .pystil-secrets (present in the pystil directory from git) to your home, and edit it:

cp .pystil-secrets ~
edit ~/.pystil-secrets

You must now generate a secret key and enter it in the file. You should also enter your PostgreSQL password that you entered in the create role statement (if you just followed this lines, it should be "pystil").

If you want to use LDAP as an authentication backend, you should also fill the fields "LDAP_HOST" and "LDAP_PATH".






Pystil contains two main applications : - the web application that provides the data viewer, the admin interface and the files to include in the webapp you want to analyze. - a data feeder that reads "visits" message and store it in the db.

Web application

From the pystil directory, simply launch:


Data feeder

From the pystil directory, simply launch:

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