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# coding: utf-8
A CSS parser, and nothing else.
:copyright: (c) 2012 by Simon Sapin.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
from .version import VERSION
from .css21 import CSS21Parser
from .page3 import CSSPage3Parser
from .fonts3 import CSSFonts3Parser
__version__ = VERSION
'page3': CSSPage3Parser,
'fonts3': CSSFonts3Parser,
def make_parser(*features, **kwargs):
"""Make a parser object with the chosen features.
:param features:
Positional arguments are base classes the new parser class will extend.
The string ``'page3'`` is accepted as short for
The string ``'fonts3'`` is accepted as short for
:param kwargs:
Keyword arguments are passed to the parser’s constructor.
An instance of a new subclass of :class:`CSS21Parser`
if features:
bases = tuple(PARSER_MODULES.get(f, f) for f in features)
parser_class = type('CustomCSSParser', bases + (CSS21Parser,), {})
parser_class = CSS21Parser
return parser_class(**kwargs)